life is like cooking kheer

Dev, on that day, stormed in the home, throwing his shoes, bag, and water bottle. His school uniform was all muddled up, and so he was, covered with dirt from […]

happy new year 2015

Each year on January 1, we wish our love ones, Happy New Year. We wish them a year full of prosperous and joyous events. We wish them success and peace […]

follow your heart quotes

My brother Navi messaged me a damn inspirational quote, “You aren’t successful if you aren’t happy.” So I texted him back how to be really happy. He advised me to […]

smile because you can quotes

He smiled and asked me to stop for a minute or two. When I asked him, “Why?” He replied teasingly, “Janaab! I have just cleaned the floor and if you […]

what is happiness quotes

Bhaiya, what is happiness? He asked. And I replied, when you will grow up, you will know the answer. You are too small for these heavy words. You might say, […]