Six Word Story

25 Very Very Short Six Word Stories

There is an urban legend, that a cool young writer in his early 20s, while having lunch with his friends, somewhere in Manhattan, New York,…

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Father And Son Relationship Quotes

How To Be A Good Son

There was a boy of average height, average looks, but with some kind of strangely beautiful smile on his lips and at same time, angst…

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yoga quotes bhagavad gita

Yoga, Politics and Great India Tamasha

The word yoga is said to be derived from the root yuj, which means “to connect” or “to unite”. Thus, one can translate the word…

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ravinder singh quotes

Like It Happened Yesterday By Ravinder Singh – A Book Review

Do you believe in time machine, that will take you to your past? If your answer is NO, then I insist, you should change your…

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Innovative Small Space Living Ideas

9 Innovative Small Space Living Ideas For Small Yet Beautiful Homes

Last night when I tuned my radio set to FM Gold, they were playing one of my old time favorites, Do Deewane Shehar Mein from…

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maggi noodles

The Maggi Story – The Birth and Demise of Cult Food Brand

Nineties, it was the decade of happenings. A lot of things were happening in India for very first time, from computers to first wireless call,…

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Indian Women Bloggers

40+ Super Blogs by Indian Women Bloggers Part – 2

This is continuation of the list, 40+ Super Blogs by Indian Women Bloggers i.e. the part-2. Hope you will like this part too as you…

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