Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will They Shoot Me Too?

peshawar attacks will they shoot me too
Peshawar Attacks
Manaar was sitting alone, not playing with any of his friends in park. He was just sitting there, looking at something, something that I don't know.

I asked him, "What happened, Manaar?"
Manaar looks at me, with his big hazel eyes, and asks me, "Bhaia, Will they shoot me too?"
Though I know what he is asking about, but I try to not face the question, "Who, who Manaar?"
Manaar replied, "those terrorists"
I just said, "No"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Top 10 Hindi Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

Do you remember that Sherry Paji, Star Cricket tv commercial, "Jo Baat Hindi Main Woh Baat Aur Kahin Nahi"? I bet, you do. And if you don't, here the tvc clipping for you.

Actually My firangi friend, who just got hindi bug, wants everything in Hindi. Literally, everything, she try to chat in Hindi, post hindi quotes on the wall, and now she wants to read blogs in Hindi. So she instructed me to find some good quality Hindi blogs to read? And when I ask her why, she retorts, Jo Baat Hindi Main Hain Woh Baat Aur Kaha". And I said, "Okay". So here I have decided to compile a list of top hindi blogs for you. C and you who find it difficult to find a good Hindi blogs to read.

10. Chheete Aur Bauchhare

Chheete Aur Bauchhare
Chheete Aur Baucchare, means breeze and thunderstorm is a blog by Ravi Ratlami. Ravi Ratlami, satirically analyze the day to day life events, news, and sometimes like to give tech advice in hindi too.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dahej - A Short Story on The Dowry

dowry dahej indian bride
Dahej - The Dowry
She asked, "Bhaia, how much you earn?"

I smiled and asked her, "Why. Why you want to know that?"

She replied, "Nothing, just want to know like that?"

I said, "Nothing. I earn nothing."

She in her cute little demanding voice, rhetorically said "Bhaia, Don't you dare to fool me, I know you earn alot"

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Twitter Bole Mufflerman: Best Tweets About Mufflerman

Nation Wants To Know,
Because nation wants to know. No, the world want to know, why Twitter bole Mufflerman?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello November: Amazing Facts About November

hello november quotes
Hello November
Hello November,

The new month comes with new hopes and new desires. Though, it's me who is not able to make up to the things, but a new 1 makes me enthrilled, all energized, make me do things again. I have a bad habit of giving up things in very last moment, it's like my bike's fuel all burn out when it comes to the last lap, and I can't complete that race. Leave that thing. I am working on it. But here, it's November. So Happy November. And Happy Novembering.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

1001 Rama and 1001 Ramayana

ramayana and rama ak ramanujan hanuman rama ring story
1001 Rama and 1001 Ramayana
Somewhere I have read, that answers to all your questions lies in Ramayana. Though, at that point of time, these were just words for me. And I haven't really think of Ramayana that way. But later when I realized the beauty of those words, the words inscribed in that text, made me realize that Ramayana is something more than an epic, it is some kind of code, where if you dedicate yourself and try to understand the code, you will find each and every answer, you are looking for.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gharwali Diwali - Diwali Nostalgia - Amma, Ladoo, and Chakkari

I was watching this beautiful Pepsi, gharwali diwali short film, and this made me remind of my gharwali diwali. When I used to celebrate the diwali, like no used to do, when everything was so simple, beautiful, surreal, magical and there was no worry. When it was the Gharwali Diwali. The Diwali, I used to celebrate with Amma.

She always used to say, "Rama, mere dware kab aayoge. (Rama, when you will come back)" And poking back at her, I shout backs, "Yes, look Here I am". This used to drive her little crazy, sort of. Hmm, you little rascal, you are Rama, you ate those prasada ladoos, and look here I need to make them again, you cannot be Rama, you are Ravana. Then poking back, I used to say, "Hahaha! You think, I am Ravana, but don't you ever think like that. I am Ladoo Gopal, the next avatar of Rama. And here I am." This thing really make her crazy (now somewhat), come here, come here, I will show you, who is Rama, Ravana, and Ladoo Gopal.