Thursday, April 27, 2017

What is the Significance of Nakula and Sahdeva in Mahabharata?

Indonesian Mahabharat Paintings
Nakula and Sahadeva (Source: Wikimedia)
Sometimes, we take certain things (or people) for granted such that we tend to forget their very importance (in our life). One such example is Nakula and Sahadeva. In the shadows of their elder Pandava brothers, Dharamraj Yudhisthira, Gadhadhari Bhima, and Falguni Arjuna, they are never seen important. Even when we compare them to other alike Mahabharata figures like Karna, Dhristidyumna, and Duryodhana, the Madri twins' role seems timid. So the question arises, what makes the Madri Twins, Nakula and Sahadeva, important?

Monday, April 24, 2017

13 Different Names of Karna And Stories Associated With Them

Suryaputra Danveer Angaraj Karna
13 Different Names of Karna
He was unarguably the best among Pandavas and Kauravas, yet he struggled to prove his worthiness. He was Danveer. He was Karna.

According to one of the tales associated with the Mahabharata, Krishna asked Sahadeva, what should be done to stop the Kurukshetra war. On which, Sahadeva replied, Krishna and Shakuni must be tied down and all Pandavas along with Duryodhana must be sent to the forest while Karna must be made the emperor of the world.

9 Different Names of Draupadi

Draupadi, Yagnaseni, Krishna, Panchali, Malini, Parshati and Nityayuvani
Draupadi and Pandavas by Raja Ravi Varma (Circa. 1910)
She is considered as the epitome of the womanhood, yet she is the cause of the great Kurukshetra war. She is said to be the binding force behind five Pandava brothers, yet she is the major fault line between their ideologies. She is regarded as the mind (mann) which controlled five senses (indriyas), yet she is the body controlled by the five senses. She is loving, caring and tender at one point of time, someone with full of life rasas and she is also a rebel, vengeful, and fiercesome at other times. She is known by many names and every name of her define one of her different qualities. She is Draupadi. She is Krishna.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

16 Different Names of Arjuna And Stories Associated With Them

16 Different Names of Arjuna And Stories Associated With Them
Krishna Instructs Arjuna (Gita Upadesh)/Source: Salagram
At one point of time, till I haven't read the Eklavya story, I did not know anything about Arjuna. For me, he was just a friend of Krishna, who is shown playing a secondary role to Krishna in B R Chopra's Mahabharat. But from that day, when I learned about Eklavya, I started hating him for no reason (as this was Dronacharya fault and because of his favoritism, Eklavya lost his thumb), and similarly, when I heard about Karna's story for the first time, I started hating him more (but this was more Kunti's fault, not his. More than her, it was society's fault, and Arjuna was part of that society, when he called Karna "Sutputra")

Friday, April 21, 2017

9 Different Names of Bhima

Bhimasena By Raja Ravi Varma
Bhimasena by Raja Ravi Varma (Source: Barodaart)
Recently, Malyalam actor Mohanlal has announced a two-part cinematic adaptation of M T Vasudevan Nair's Randamoozham, a retelling of the fifth Veda, Mahabharata, from the perspective of Bhima.

Bhima, indeed, is one of the unsung heroes of all times. He always played the secondary role to his weak elder brother Dharma (in terms of state affairs) and glorious younger brother Arjuna (in terms of warfare). But it was him, who slained a hundred Kauravas for Draupadi. It was him, who sacrificed his son to save his brother Arjuna. Yet, no one really reciprocated the love and respect to Bhima. They always saw him as a well-built, strong-headed, emotionless warrior, who just there to fulfill your wishes.

I, personally, fell in love with Bhima, when I first saw the play "Karambhumi" by Kshtij Theatre Group. It was on this play, I discovered the human side of Bhima, but even on this play, his character was not justified, maybe because he is also playing a secondary role there.

This blog post is dedicated to Bhima, in order to show my respect for his verities. Hope, this post will also help you to know more about him.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Samskara: A Rite For A Dead Man by U R Ananthamurthy [Review]

Girish Karnad As Praneshacharya 1970's Movie Adaptation of the Novella
U R Ananthamurthy's Samskara is one of the rare gems of Indian Literature and placed among the likes of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Originally written in Kannada, it was first published in 1965. And later, in 1976, was translated into English by A K Ramanujan. In 1970, the hundred pages long novella was adapted into a full-fledged film featuring Girish Karnad. Though it was banned initially, but goes on to win National Award for Feature Film.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What is Authenticity? And How To Be Authentic?

Small Quotes on Authenticity
Be Authentic Quotes
Authenticity is a tricky thing. In a blink, one can tell you from your behaviour and actions that you are authentic or not. And if you act inauthentically, it is not good for you in long run.

So, the question pops up, how to be authentic? And how authenticity is helpful?

But before that we need to understand, if one acts authentic, isn’t it inauthentic? If yes, so, what is authenticity in reality?

Monday, April 17, 2017

The 11 Names of Sita

Sita and Her Son Lava
Last night, when we were heading home, out of sudden, my boss started talking in his native language. As everything was flowing above my head, I politely asked him, in which ancient language, he is talking? To which, he laughed and replied, “It’s not ancient, it’s my mother tongue, Mathili.”

21 Simple Yet Powerful Five Word Quotes

There is a beautiful thing about words, if uttered, they are just meaningless mumblings that one can forget in mean time, but if used properly, they can change and inspire someone to do something unthinkable. However simple these words are, they always have the power to change.

We See What We Want
1. We See What We Want
Sometimes we act so negatively, that we see negativity everywhere, and we forget about the good things in our life. We blame people for our bad decisions, and we also don’t stand by with those who were with us in our bad time. We always complain, and meanwhile, the opportunity leaves without making any noise. Try to live positive, and try to infuse positiveness in your life, and from then you will see the change.

16+ Earthly Beautiful Paintings by Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy
Jamini Roy (1962)/Source: IGNCA
His name means beautiful relaxing night. And his beautiful paintings somehow lives up to meaning of his name. Jamini Roy was one of the most celebrated faces of Modern Indian Art movement.

Rang: The Skin Tone — A Short Story on Skin Prejudice in India

Rang: The Skin Tone — A Short Story on Skin Prejudice in India
Last night, in Badarpur Metro, I was sitting on the corner seat, seat reserved for old and differently able people, looking at the red dot that was blinking frivolously, when a guy announced who appears sitting on the other corner, which is not reserved for old and differently able people, “Bhai, Iss Metro ne toh pran nikal diye. (Literally, this metro has killed me.)”