how to say no guide

There was a little boy, called Me. Technically, this is not an English name, but this could be some Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian or whatever except English. I got […]

deam to chase inspiration omegle girl

Being up from the bed, don’t know what should I write now. Have no work to do. Nothing to read, as well, as I already scanned through whole newspaper and […]

kabadiwala raddiwala

I was waiting for Arun, when Mishraji tapped on my back. Mishraji, “What are you doing, Kiddo?” Recognizing from his iconic accent, I replied in his kabadiwala accent, “Nothing, Mishraji, […]

eggs are vegetarian food

A boy, same age of mine ask Omlettewale Uncle, “Uncle, just don’t put the onion in my omlette” Little confused by his request Omlettewale Uncle asks him, “Beta, What happen?”

hawaizaada movie shivkar bapuji talpade ayushmann khurrana

The new year is here. So the new action, new romance, new inspirations and new movies. And being a movie buff, what do you want more. I think, some cheese […]

happy new year 2015

Each year on 1st of January, we wish our love ones, Happy New Year. We wish them a year full of prosperity and happiness. We wish them success and peace […]