How To Be Happy?

How To Be Yourself?
How To Be Happy?
My dear brother Navi messaged me a damn inspirational quote, "You aren't successful if you aren't happy". So I texted him back, then he replied me back, then there we go with exchange of messages. Though i don't go with whole conversation, i will go with important threads of conversations, this is little script of our so called conversation.

Me, "Brother, how to be happy?"
Navi, "Just be yourself, son"
Me, "And how to be yourself?"
Navi, "Follow your dreams, and do what you always want to do"

See this is our main problem. This is what we have forgotten over time and even if we know this, we are ignoring this fact, which is so simple and realistic, JUST BE YOURSELF AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Most of us who are searching for happiness, are looking it in terms of money or other worldly possessions but not looking it in terms of what we always want cherish.

What's the SOLUTION?

The solution is damn simple, all you need to do what you always want to do, whether it is photography, painting, traveling, music or something else. All you need to this. See we got only one life, and i don't know, what you think about life. And to be happy, you need to do epic crap, without caring about others. There are few people who really matters to us and those who matters always know what we want to do.

Image Credit: Laughing by Nosha


  1. Tune into radio and these days you are bound to hear the happy song by Pharrell. So, maybe being happy is just as easy as singing a song. Or sharing a quote. Or talking with a brother. Your post does 2 out of 3 and has me smiling, so mission accomplished.

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