This is Me.

My name is Hemendra Kumar Saini, in short Hemu. A 20 something guy from Delhi, India. Currently pursuing my Masters from IGNOU.

I look like bit South Indian, born in Rajasthan, raised in Delhi (Proud of that fact, A Typical Indian Look), Changed 8 Schools, Just Because My Father is a Railway Employee, Have a lovely mother, and practical and goal oriented little brother.

I love cats, long walks, stupid long talks (I am not good in short convos), singing, jalebi, samosa, chai, choco lava cake, mocha, soul and alternative music. I like rom-com, sci-fi, action, i.e. any type of movie, except horror, something with a good message or a question (open endings).

I am a follower of Vedanta.

Other than this, you can read on my blog. You can have a glimpse of my life and people who are close to me, in this blog. If you find something in common, we can be friends on Facebook.


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