Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Each year on January 1, we wish our love ones, Happy New Year. We wish them a year full of prosperous and joyous events. We wish them success and peace of mind. So they, in return.

However, in reality, is it really happen? I mean, Are we happy? Are we able to find success? Are we prosperous? I think, most of us will answer negatively. But Why?

You know, why? Yes, you know why you are not happy? Why you are not succeeding? Why you are not feeling prosperous?

It is because you are stuck. You are stuck somewhere with your past. You wonder about some events in your life that they should not happen with you. But they happened. And you are stuck with what happened. And you know, it is what stopping you from your happiness, success, and everything you are looking for. Everything you wish for your love ones.

You know, what a new calendar says? It says, “Like you have changed your calendar, change your attitude, change yourself, accept what happened, it is happened for good, so it don’t happen with you again, so it don’t happen with other people you love, accept what happened as a learning, share what you have learn with others. Change yourself. And start a fresh with this new date. Start a fresh as a new person. Start a fresh.”

I think, it enough for today. Just want to say. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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