6 Places To Get Inspired

When I said, Inspiration is something that ignites a spark in your heart, in my previous blog post, What is Inspiration? And How to find It? You might be thinking about traveling far to some exotic places or doing something stupid and incredibly dangerous that you want to do. However, in reality, inspiration comes from ordinary places, places like you and me live in. Remember what my Arts teacher has said, It is inside you. It is all about the way you feel. And here you go with my top six picks where you can really feel it, only if you want.
i get inspiration at coffee shop
Coffee Shop/Photo Credit: Rahim
Coffee Shops
There is a saying in France, if there is heaven in this world, it ought to be the coffee shop. Nope, there is no such saying, I who said it. But seriously, there is something in coffee shops that arouse your senses, allows you to free yourself, a little bit and make you think from a different perspective. Though there is no theory to define such effect, but I do feel in this way. Maybe because of pretty faces, faces with untold stories or anything else. Whatever, it is, when you are in the coffee shop, you certainly going to feel inspired. Oh! Don’t forget to carry your notebook and pencil. laptop is so passé.

Metro Station by Yogesh Mhatre
Sub Stations/Metro Stations
Like coffee shops, metro and railway stations have thousands of untold stories, stories that want to be heard. And one thing I absolutely love about Metro/Railway stations, that you can bump into anyone without feeling awkward and carry out a conversation. Something that coffee shops do not offer.

Flea Market By Magic Madzik
Flea Markets
I love the chaos of Flea Market. Everything is disorganized, but in some way, it is all organized. You never know what kind of stuff you are going to see in the flea market, a hardbound hundred-year-old copy of Frankenstein, without a single mark for hundred rupees only or a Jamini Roy that seems fake. It is kind of thing that you might love or hate. In my case, I love it.
Kids in the Park by Zherun
Public Parks
Public parks have their own charm. Kids being busy in their nuances, oldies with their card games and chess boards, and ladies with their kind gossip. It’s all there except you.
The Library By Eliens
Libraries may be the quietest place of everything I have mentioned. But they are not quiet as they seem in actuality. When you pick a random book out of the shelf, and open a random page without knowing what is going to be inside, then start leafing page after page, after you read the first passage, the feeling to know more, is the inspiration. And that’s all you want.

Farmers Market by Gemma Billings
Farmer's Market
Your mother might have forced you to be there. But they are not such a bad place, in reality. The smell and chaos might be overwhelming but it is all one wants, the chaos. Like Nietzsche said it, “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

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