What is Happiness?

happiness is living in the present moment.
What is Happiness?
Bhaia, what is happiness? He asked.

I replied, when you will grow up, you will know the answer. You are too small for these heavy words.
Yes, it was an excuse to escape the question. Because I really do not have the answer. I do not know what should I tell him. In addition, the questioner is my 7-year-old little cousin, Harsh.

I, Okay Harsh! What do you think about happiness? When do you feel happy?

Harsh, I don't know, Bhaia but mom and dad were discussing, why we can't live happy? Why we can't left this place and shift to other bigger space.

I don't know how to define happiness, because I don't know what happiness is. Is it about money, or bigger spaces, or something else?

However, I feel happy every day, when I wake up daily, and I say good morning to mom, dad, and grandpa. When I kiss my little sister and she rubs her cheeks to remove impression. When mom makes yum breakfast, I feel happy.

I feel happy, going to school and meet my friends. Greeting Good Morning Teacher, to my teachers. On sharing lunch with my friends and coming back home and singing along with driver uncle.

I feel happy, when I come back from school and get to see Shikha, mom and grandpa. When all of us play, hide and seek. When mom with her anger ask us, to stop playing and eat the food. Then she suddenly burst with laughter, so does grandpa, Shikha and me.

I feel happy, telling the mom school activities, and doing the home work. Then in evening, I go to play with my friends in the ground.

I feel happy, finding dad coming back from office though he is little scary kind of person. However, that's all right. We eat dinner, altogether.

I feel happy... all the time.

However, Bhaia, why mom and dad were discussing, why we can't live happy here? However, I think we are living happily. So that's why I ask you, what is happiness?

I again replied, when you will grow up, you would know the answer.

But, this time, I know the answer but I was confused, how to tell him that he told me the real definition of happiness.

Happiness is living in the present moments. All you need to cherish this present moment and you will find the true happiness.

I bought him some candies and then I changed the topic to the flavors of our candies.
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