16 Earthly Beautiful Paintings by Jamini Roy

jamini roy
Jamini Roy (1962)/Source:IGNCA

His name means beautiful relaxing night. And his beautiful paintings somehow lives up to meaning of his name. Jamini Roy was one of the most celebrated faces of Modern Indian Art movement.

Gopini Paintings by Jamini Roy
Gopini by Jamini Roy (Source: NGMA)

He was the one of the famous students of Abanindranath Tagore, whose originality of ideas and contribution toward rise of new wave of Indian modern art remain incontestable.

janini roy paintings
Mother And Child (Source: NGMA)

Roy was born on 11th April, 1887 in a upper middle class Begnali zamindar family of Beliatore, BanKura, Paschim Banga (West Bengal).

Jamini Roy Paintings
Bird With Two Fish (Source:Kala Sagar)

In 1903, at the age of sixteen, he joined the Government College of Arts, Kolkata, where he learned the details of artmanship under the mastery of Abanindranath Tagore, then vice principal of the college. And In 1908, he received the diploma in Arts.

Jamini Roy Paintings
Flight into Egypt

Though after his initial experience with landscape and portrait drawings, he realized that he need to find his own inspiration, which is not there in west. He started exploring the local and tribal art forms, and his exploration started shaping his own art form.

jamini roy paintings
Tree Pujarans (Source: Indiapicks)

He was profoundly influenced with the Kalighat Pat, a painting style with bold-sweeping brush strokes. And his paintings from the period 1921-1924, clearly shows that.

Black Horse (Source:IndiaPicks)
Black Horse (Source:IndiaPicks)

His style was a rejoinder to Bengal School of Art and Western forms. And he was regarded as the artist of masses, as his paintings was very famous among aspirational Bengalis and Europeans.

Jamini Roy Painting
Cat And Lobster (Source: Cyber Monkey)

His paintings was base on three basic principles, 1. to capture the simplicity of local and rural life, 2. to make art accessible to every section of community, 3. to create an identity of Indian art in the world.

jamini roy paintings
Untitled – Five Women (Source: Vaibhav Singh)

His first major exhibition was held in 1938, in British India Street of Calcutta (now, Kolkata). And from then, he had many solo exhibitions, which includes an exhibition in London (1953) and New York City (1963).

jamini roy paintings
Sansthal Dance Jamini Roy (Source : rhododendron)

In 1954, he received Inda’s third highest civilian award Padma Bhushana, he was one of two person who received Padma Bhushan in the field of Arts, the other person was M.S. Subbulakshmi.

jamini roy paintings
Three Women and Child

At the age of 85, 24 April 1972, Jamini Roy left the world with a beautiful legacy of artwork behind to all of us. His paintings influenced so many artists, that his work reproduced, intentionally or unintentionally, by many of the budding artist, just to find the define themselves along with the master.

jamini roy paintings
Untitled Jamini Roy

Some of his famous paintings include, Crucifixion with Attendant Angels, Cats Sharing A Prawn, Gopini, and Mother and Child.

jamini roy paintings


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