Life is Like A Box of Crayons

Life is Like A Box of Crayons
Life is Like A Box of Crayons
Life is always like that, my son, by saying these very words, someone brought me back to my consciousness and make me to stop fidgeting with colours. When I turned back, it was my arts teacher. I was struggling to complete my drawing within the time, as I don’t have the colour green.

How I am supposed to colour something, Blue or Red or Yellow, when it is supposed to be GREEN, I asked. Yes, I was talking about trees, those I have drawn beside my hut.

Life is like a box of crayons, with one crayon missing, always, he replied.

But what that supposed to mean, Sir, I asked him unapologetically.

With a laughter, he replied, you are so innocent, my kid.

How I supposed to know such things, I was only thirteen, then. Too small for such kind of philosophies.

He took my sketchbook, first he coloured it yellow and then applied the colour blue. It was something like Green (though not exactly Green), but you can say it is Green.

Whenever you go missing a colour crayon, you can always mix other two and make it for the missing one, he replied.

Sir, what to do, when I don’t have colours to mix, I countered.

You ask for it from your best friend, and maybe he is also facing the same problem like you. He has what you don’t have and you have what he hasn’t. Share things. When you share things, you make new friends, he concluded.

After all these years, I now have understood what he actually means at that time. You don’t get everything in your life. Instead of regretting, you should try to make best out of what you have. You are always going to make a masterpiece, when you consume all your resources in a right manner. All you need to learn how to use them. Moreover, don’t be shy to ask for help, and don’t be miser to help someone because sharing things help you to build new relationship. In the end, it is our relationships that define us.


  1. Lets try to make our life as colorful as possible..
    weave your dreams for a perfect life.. !!!
    Good day :)

  2. Colors!!!
    sometimes small things can make you understand big issues of your life :)

  3. Very true, the lesson your art teacher gave you. Indeed, life does not come with all the colours you need.

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