What is Inspiration? How to Get Inspired?

how to find inspiration? i need inspiration
What is Inspiration? How to Get Inspired?
What is Inspiration? Well, it is hard to define inspiration, but for me, inspiration is something that ignites spark in your heart.

Inspiration can be a wild flower that has grown on a rocky mountain, standing strongly in the wild storms, and still able to spread its mild fragrance in the surrounding. Inspiration can also be a kid who is playing with a butterfly but not able to catch her, then after a moment or two, the butterfly sits on his lap, and plays with him as if she also wants to play with him. Finally, inspiration is a bird who has flown into unknown sky just to fetch food for her kids. Inspiration has no forms and it depends on one person to another, what inspires him.

There is also no mean to understand inspiration, mechanically. The only mean to understand inspiration is your heart. My Arts teacher used to say, “You don’t need anything for inspiration. It is inside you. It is all about the way you feel. Only when you feel it from your heart, you will able to paint a picture full of life.”

However, I almost forgot his teachings until I read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the last summer. Coelho made me re-learn the meaning of inspiration. When you are inspired, and like Coelho has penned down in his book, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I got it, inspiration is nothing, just to follow one’s heart.

If you are still unable to know the meaning of inspiration and how one feel inspired, all you need to understand, you are inspired when you know,

1. Life is a rollercoaster ride and it goes on.
2. It is time to let it out and start living.
3. It is time to get started.

For inspiration, meet new people, read good books, create some music, and do what you always wanted to do. And when you are at peace with yourself, at one point of time, you will feel it. You will know that you have found your inspiration.

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