5 Reason Why You Should Watch PK

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5 Reason Why You Should Watch PK
On last friday, I watched the movie, like everyone do. The PK. Ye toh badi lul baat kardi aapne, humne bhi PK dekhi (what nonsense you are talking about. I have also seen the movie too). I was like okay, the movie is good, though I have seen similar concept in Oh My God, but the movie is still good. Kind of family entertainer (jaha par kisi vishesh vastu ka ad aane par tv channel nahi badalte). The thing what brought me to write down this whole thing is, people are hoarding up to ban the PK. I just want to ask them, why? Have you seen that movie? And the answer might be the No. But if you are just acting like everyone, I can give five reason why you should watch PK.

Insaan Ne Bhagwaan Ko Banaya Ya Bhagwan Ne Insaan Ko.
PK dumbly asks the idol maker, "Does man created the God, or the God created man." When he thought his Shani Dev idol has gone out of battery. The idol-maker finds this thing amuzing, and starts laughing on him. At certain point in conversation he says, Bhaia, ye humne tumko bata diya toh humare pet par laat nahi pad jayegi. (If I tell you the truth, I will be out of the business)

Hum Confusiya Gaye Hain
PK asks the God to help him. Because he is confused. Because he does not know, how to find him, how to contact him, because he wants to go home, and he has tried everything, the every ritual, the every religious doldrums, not hindu, also islam, chritian, sikh, everything to please him, and to find his whereabouts. But he is not able to find him. And he is confused, what will please him, mantra, aayat or bible's verses.

Jo Dar Gaya Woh Mandir Gaya
Playing on with famous Gabbar Singh lines, PK in his Rancho plus Bihari Babu ishtyle illustrates how religion thrives on human fear, even aap padhe likhe ho jab bhi. He says, "Daddyji, Jo dar gaya woh mandir gaya"

Ye Condom Kya Hota Hain.
PK innocently ask, "Ye condom kya hota hain, aur ui bhaisahab isse apna kahne se darr kyon rahe the". PK unknowingly unmasks our hypocrisy around condoms and sex.  And thing is not over yet. You should watch for some dancing car action too.

Wrong Number
Wrong Number. Ye bhagwan ke manager log public ki firki le rahe hain, PK tells Jaggu. When he tries to figure what Baba is doing. He innocently unmasks the holymen, and the way, they are working by making people fool. He try to unmask every stupid ritual in the name of religion, by picking up a wrong number.

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