Will They Shoot Me Too?

peshawar attacks will they shoot me too
Peshawar Attacks
He was sitting alone, not playing with any of his friends. Unconsciously looking at something, something that I don’t have slightest of the idea.

I asked him, “What happened, Manaar?”

He looks at me with his big hazel eye in need of some kind of assurance and then he asks, “Bhaia, Will they shoot me too?”

Though I know what he is talking about but I try not to answer the question, “Who Manaar?”

He replied, “those terrorists.”

To assure him, I said, “No.”

However, I convinced him, Manaar, my six-year-old bubbly neighbor but I was not able to convince myself. Moreover, I even don’t know I want to write this or not. But I want to let it out. Damn you Taliban. Let the kids rest in peace.
Image Source: Wikimedia


  1. Hope the souls rest in peace. The verbatim story shared by TOI makes me feel sick of the mental cruelty the terrorists had. They wanted to show the soldiers the feeling when someone dear to them die. I have criticized soldiers attack on terrorists families as well. These incidents only forces me to say - RIP Humanity.

  2. There are no assurances in our world anymore.... can only pray to let peace win!

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