Lakshmana, Soumitri, Bharatanuja

According to the Ramayana, Lakshman is said to be a one-quarter manifestation of Vishnu and an avatar of Shesha, a serpent associated with Vishnu. On that basis, Lakshman became known […]

Last night, when we were heading home, out of sudden, my boss started talking in his native language. As everything was flowing above my head, I politely asked him, in […]

Shanta and Rishyashringa

If you believe in folktales, then you might have heard, she is the one who rebuked Rama when he followed street gossips and abandoned Sita. She was none other than […]

animal farm quotes

In February 1944, Eric Arthur Blair, popularly known by his pen name George Orwell, laid down seven commandments of a new belief, Animalism. Though some may point out, Animalism is […]

hindu dharma mahabharta quotes

If you scan through all four Vedas, Mahabharata, Ramayana or any other Hindu sacred text, you will not find a single mention of the word, Hindu. Yes, it’s a strange […]

Somewhere I have read answers to all your questions lies in Ramayana. However, at that point of time, it was mere a saying for me. In actuality, I never thought […]

Dasagriva Dasagriva is one of the earliest sobriquet given to the Ravana. The name Dasagriva can be found in Valmiki Ramayana. It is made up of two Sanskrit words, dasa […]