The Purpose of Our Life: Science, Religion and Beyond

The Purpose of Our Life: Science, Religion and Beyond
Sometimes, when you take a little break from your usual self and look outside the window without any thoughts in your mind, in that very moment, you witness something majestic and beautiful, but you get busy with your usual self and forget everything that just made you realized, who you are. It could be anything, a little butterfly to some Mother Dairy’s ice cream truck, the world is full of many such interesting and wonderful things, that you can’t even count them all in one lifetime.

Usually when we talk about life, we tend to shy away from the ugly side of the reality, i.e. diseases, poverty, terrorism, child labor, human-trafficking and many more. In that moment, we also feel disgusted about ourselves, try to question ourselves, why these things happen? What is the meaning of this world? Who created this world? And why he created this world? If someone created it, why we are born in such a world in the first place, i.e. what is the purpose of life?

When we are battling through all these things in our mind, we meet some interesting people. When we ask them all these questions, Some of them advise us that we are thinking too much, have fun and live life; Some of them argue, it is will of the God, God have some plan for us; and some of them are like me and you, and want to ask you the same. Moreover, after trying too much, you still don’t have the answer.

For one moment, you think, you will just live your life to fullest, do the all exciting stuff in the world and leave the damn things to others, and die happily but then on next moment you say, is he some kind of big brother*, who just want to play and have fun? And with all these thoughts popping up in your mind, you continue to battle with yourself.

Though I don’t have any answer about, who created the world and why the world is created? May be the God, or it happened by accident. But the most important thing I know that we are unique and we are here to do something good. I mean, we are not some kind of weird insect who came out from pupa, and whose mother died just when she laid out the eggs. We are more than that. We can think, we can argue and we can learn. We have the knowledge. Knowledge is what makes us unique.

Yes, the very answer of our existence lies in the knowledge. And how’s that? The knowledge is only thing which liberate us from ourselves, define new boundaries, and break the older ones. But the knowledge itself can be divided into two parts, the knowledge of external, Science and the knowledge of internal, Religion.

The problem is Science does not believe in the concept of God, and Religion thinks everything exists because of the God. But the answer does not lie in two extremes, science and religion. The answer lies somewhere near the Optimum level. The optimum level, where the science rationalize with the religion.

Both science and religion are unique in their sense. And that’s what make them great. Science provides you a physical preview and religion provides you a holistic one. And we need both, to find the exact answer. For say, when you feel unwell, and you visit doctor for check-up, he initiates by asking with last night details or surrounding details, anything that is external before getting his stethoscope machine or putting thermometer in your mouth, internally to find what is really going on with you. And then he gives you meds, according to your problem and within few hours or a day, you feel better.

Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind.
Albert Einstein

Like our doctors, we need to examine our internal and external conditions. We need to see everything from the rational point of view, not from science or religious extremes. And this rational point or optimum point of knowledge is the true answer. Albert Einstein quotes, “Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind.” clarify my point. And I think, the purpose of our life is to find that true knowledge, and live happy.

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Image Credit: Don Virko
Note: *Big Brother, Read Orwell’s 1984 if you didn’t get it watch Bigg Boss.

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