Dharma. The Path of Righteousness

What is Dharma?
Dharma. The Path of Righteousness
Me and Nani were playing in the park. And then couple of elderly lady came down to Nani, gave her some pamphlet. I insisted Nani, to show me the pamphlet.

Pamphlet is by some spiritual or religious society.

The pamphlet says, "Follow the Dharma, And everything will be okay".
I don't know, what I was thinking at that point of time, I asked Nani, what is dharma?

Nani, "What is dharma? Why are you asking this, Son?"

Me, "I don't know, but it seems like everyone is talking about Dharma. See this pamphlet and back in school, some of my classmates were talking about dharma."

Nani, "Okay! Come along with me."

Suddenly, Nani picked one rose flower, but while picking up that rose flower, it hurts Nani and blood came out from Nani's thumb.

Me, "What are you doing, Nani, its hurting you."

Nani, "Not at all, my son, it's not."

Me, "So what are doing with this rose flower"

Nani, "I am trying to show you, what is dharma? My dear."

Me, "How?"

Nani, "Tell me, do you like this sweet smell of this rose flower"

Me, "Yes. But its bleeding Nani"

Nani (with her sweet smile), "And you have also noticed, how this thorn hurt me"

Me, "Yes"

Nani, "See! this is, what we call Dharma. The sweet fragrance of rose flower is the dharma of the rose flower and to protect this flower from others is the dharma of thorn.

Dharma means doing right things to bring harmony and sustainability in our life, and environment.

Dharma means practicing the good karma just like rose flower fragrance, so there can be harmony and fighting against bad things like thorn to protect rose flower from damage, so there can be sustainability in our life, society, nature and at all levels of life."

Me, "Okay. But my classmates were talking about something else. According to them, dharma is something else of what you have told me."

Nani, "They were not talking about dharma, my dear. They were talking about religion. And religion is not dharma."

Me, "Okay. If religion is not dharma. So what is my dharma?"

Nani smiled and said, "Your dharma is being a good person, being helpful to others, fight for right things and following your inner self. This is your dharma."

I think, you might have understood real meaning of DHARMA. Dharma, just simply means path of righteousness not anything else.

Note: Nani means maternal grandmother, in case you don't know.

Image Credit: James DeMers

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