God’s Language on Internet — Sanskrit Blogs, Magazines, Journals and Other Useful Sites

God’s Language on Internet — Sanskrit Blogs, Magazines, Journals and Other Useful Sites
When I was in class VI, I used to think Sanskrit as an extra subject that one need to study for a whole year and then one more year and then one more year for last. I never appreciated the beauty and simplicity of the language, as if now. It was in class IX, they offered me, either to opt Sanskrit or not, and like every other smart student who don’t care about anything at all, I opted for latter one, not studying Sanskrit further.

It was in my college, while reading the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Loom of Time (Abhijnana Sakuntalam), and other popular Sanskrit texts that were being translated in English or Hindi, I had this sudden urge to learn Sanskrit all over again.

The urge was further intensified when I came across Nicollo Machiavelli’s The Prince, translated by Tim Parks. In Translator’s note, Parks acknowledged that translations are not true image of original text, and with passage of time, these translations also lose their meaning.

Parks pointed out, “If we read Pope’s translation of Homer today, we read it because we want to read Pope, not Homer. Linguistically, the translation draws our attention more to the language and poetry of our eighteenth century than to Homer or ancient Greece.”

I thought Parks is right in his deduction, and to understand the text in full, one need to know the language in which text was first written.

So when I started learning Sanskrit all over again, more than books, it is Internet which helped me out. And here is the list of blogs that I follow and sites that I have bookmarked.

Sanskrit Blogs
Practical Sanskrit by Shashikant Joshi
Simple Sanskrit by GSS Murthy
Balram Shukla’s Blog by Dr Balram Shukla
Learn Sanskrit by Himanshu Pota
Sanskrit Essays by Pramod Ostwal
Kah Panthah by Moral Stories (Unknown Author)
Kalidasa by Ajit Krishnan
Samskrtam by Karthik Raman
Samskruta Mouktikaani by Kaavya Sindhu
Sanskrit-iz-ed Words by Common World Citizen
Sanskrit Studio

Sanskrit Journals and Magazines
Vishvavani, edited by Sowmya Joisa and Avinash Varna
Prachi Prajnaa, edited by Dr Sugyan Kumar MahantyMadhudha, eMagazine by Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi

Other Useful Links
Learn Sanskrit Grammar Guide (A Guide to basic Sanskrit grammar and composition)
UBC Sanskrit Learning Tools (An alternative to Learn Sanskrit Grammar Guide)
Samskrutaadhyayanam (Learning Sanskrit by fresh approach)
Adhunik Sanskrit Sahitya Pustakalaya (eLibrary by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan)
Sanskrit Links (Directory of Useful Sanskrit Websites)
Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary (a hypertext Sanskrit English Dictionary)

Note: In case if you have any suggestion for this article or you know some good Sanskrit blogs that I have missed, please share them in comment section.


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