The JNU Kand: The Other Side of the Truth

Martand Sun Temple by John Bruke (1868) and Quote by Henrik Ibsen.
I was proofing an article which is going to be featured in New Directions for Student Leadership 2016 Spring issue when a message flashed on my cellphone screen. It was from my friend, an M. Phil. student at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The message reads, “Afzal guru slogans at the campus”.

The message was disturbing, but not shocking. As I have heard many such stories from many of the prominent Indian varsities like Aligarh Muslim University, and Osmania University.

I ignored the message, and continued to proof the article, there was nothing exceptional except a major style related issue which I reported to the quality analyst, and he may have reported to the editor, and if ignored, the article will be published with a major style related error.

Meanwhile, in the evening, when I switched on the television, every news channel was blithering about JNU, the arrest of student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, and Pro Pakistan slogans by JNU students. They had debates going on, how JNU is an anti-nationalist university, and why we don’t need JNU anymore.

After a heavy dose of the evening news, when I was out for evening walk and some Delhi Smoke, I accidentally bumped into my friend, who was coming back from the campus. I inquired him about the incident. He replied, nothing only usual stuff. They were talking about abolishing capital punishment, brahmanical code, and other stuff.

What about Afzal Guru and pro-Pakistan slogans? He replied, they were talking how a terrorist becomes a terrorist, what are their circumstances, and the role of Army and Indian state in the Valley. But there was nothing such as pro-Pakistan slogans and don’t know how this thing happened. He was bit in a rush, so he left the conversation in the middle, leaving me with Delhi Smoke.

Meanwhile, today, he shared a link to an article published on Youth Ki Awaaz, All That Happened At JNU Before And After Kanhaiya Kumar’s Arrest.

After learning Kanhaiya Kumar’s point of view, I also came to the conclusion, there was nothing new in what he has said, and by his words, it looks like he actually does not know about how pro-Pakistan slogans being shouted at the place.

But there is an err on Kanhaiya Kumar side, though he is questioning about the rights of Kashmiri Muslims, and roles of Army and the State in the Valley. He hasn’t talked about Kashmiri Pundits, and why Army being deployed in the Valley first.

There is no denial when it comes to pro-Afzal slogan, and I believe this is where they have gone totally wrong. They should have known what they are doing, but in heat of moment, they have crossed the limit. From pro-Afzal, they might have gone to anti-India, or sepratist slogans.

But no one is talking about what happened in 1990, and what has happened to the aboriginal of Kashmir. And how future generations of Kashmir whether Kashmiri Pundits or Muslims have been devastated for the political gain of a few.

The only real solution to the Kashmir problem is to stop playing the politics. And to start a fresh. But don’t know why, while drafting this post, the only thing that came across my mind, “Ghosts!”

This post is based on second hand knowledge.

Further Reading
19/01/90: When Kashmiri Pandits fled Islamic terror, Rediff.

Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech before his arrest. His blatant attack on ABVP, RSS, Brahamanical code, and at 11:54, his empathy with Afzal Guru and Kasab. Later, his condemnation of pro-Pakistan slogans.

But this is where he might have gone wrong. He wasn’t able to control his co-members statement and not to cross the line. He also contradicts himself when he talks about terrorism. Dude, terrorism of any form is terrorism, whether its Saffron Terrorism, or Terrorism by Guru and Kasab. And just like them, you are also playing the politics.

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