How Not To Lost in Translation And Speak Language of Universe

How Not To Lost in Translation and Speak Language of Universe, Image Source: Adina Voicu
If you have ever been to the children’s park, you might witness a foremost truth of the life. But by the next moment of your extraordinary realization, you became ignorant of the truth and then you forget it again.

I was enjoying the Great Manaar Babu’s show. The boy was all muddied up, but then he was having fun. And I was having fun. And so do his parents and my parents. We, all were enjoying the Great Manaar Babu’s show. But then a little french girl of the same age of he entered, signed to him, and then they started playing together.

And with her entry in the Great Manaar Babu’s show, the fun doubles up. They were playing and were sort of lost in each other. Talking to each other without knowing one’s language, sharing their little secrets while pointing to each one of us. Meanwhile, they were engaged in their nuance, her parents waved at us.

Anna’s parents joined the party, while two kids were making play in their own world. We conversed in broken English, broken French, broken Hindi, signs or whatever it is. We shared a common joke, how cute they are looking together, and they should be married. Anna’s mum said, “les inséparables (inseparable souls, I believe)”. We, adults while conversing also shared same kind of love, and affection toward each other. And I thought how common we are all. And how easily we became friends, and sometime back we don’t have any idea of each other.

There is one thing that also popped, i.e. how can be language is of no use.

But how, I mean it is not the most important tool to converse, and share ideas. And the answer, because of the language of universe. The language, one speaks through his or her smiles, gestures, and heart. The language, we all know but have forgotten somehow.

Now question pops, how can one forget a language that one knows from his very existence.

Simply because we became ignorant of the language of universe. By embedding the idea of superior knowledge, and superiority of the words in our minds, without thinking that it is our emotions that provide meaning to words, and not vice versa. So, it is our pride or anxiety mixed with ignorance that make us forget that language.

Why children able to speak that language? Simply because they are untouched by such fake notion.

It is time to unsettle the whole notion of knowledge. And embrace the fact that we knew not anything. Also it is love that define the meaning of every inarticulate word, not words. It is time to speak with the language of love and compassion, the language of universe. And learn how beautiful is the world in reality.

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