Don’t Be A Wise Fool – Your Intelligence is Cause of Your Unhappiness

Intelligence is Cause of Your Failure
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Mary wished to say something very sensible, but knew not how. I believe, Mary’s case is not different than yours. I mean, you want to say something, but not able to find the right words at the right time. But now the question arises why and who is Mary?

Mary is third of the five Bennet Sisters  (Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice). She is portrayed as a well read with good hands on piano and much more intelligent than all her sisters. But according to her father Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy, she is a silly creature like her two juniors Lydia and Kitty, despite of her  intelligence.

The problem with Mary and also you is that you are too confused and think superior of yourself. I mean you spend enormous time and energy before taking any decision. Consider only yourself right and don’t like to take any help from others. Meanwhile, you lose the game, and blame it on the circumstances.

Damn you Circumstances.

Though, I believe it is not what it seems like. The real reason behind all misery is your intelligence.

You heard it right. Your very intelligence.

In an interview with New York Times, Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google shares that they don’t hire on the basis of one’s college grades or rather say IQ. Only because these scores can be deceptive. Bock explains, college grades can be deceptive because you get those grades in somewhat nurtured environment where you are expected to answer in accord to your teacher’s perception and is somewhat iterated irrelevant times. But in real life things don’t work like that. For Google, they hire people with cognitive abilities and humble nature.

Cognitive abilities and humility in nature means people who are willing to learn anything new, something that they are not accustomed to, and process that information on the fly. And people, those who are humble in their nature, enough to recognize their weakness and embrace new ideas. Don’t be a hindrance to any kind of new information, only because of what they have learned in their college doesn’t actually mean that.

In reality, why people struggle in their life is not because of their intelligence but their perceived notions and not embracing anything new. Because they see the world from the reference of their fixed knowledge, and where the world has already changed its position.

So don’t be a wise fool (Padha likha Gawaar), like my Nani used to say. Accept new things, embrace any new knowledge. Because only thing that hinder you from your pursuit of happiness is your intelligence.

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  1. Very interesting perspective… 🙂


  2. High IQ is certainly no guarantee for success, as Terman proved it. The right attitudes determine success.


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