What is Motivation? And How To Stay Motivated?

what is motivation and how to find motivation
What is Motivation? How To Stay Motivated?
What is motivation? In simple terms, motivation is your need (or desire) that pushes you to take one extra step when you are death tired.

Therefore, motivation is something, which makes one stand out from others. The successful personas from not so successful. The happy ones from not so happy ones. When you push yourself to achieve something for any reason, the reason is motivation. Now the question arises how to stay motivated to achieve anything.

Be Yourself
Simply be yourself. Many of us are trying to mimic others, the people who have achieved something in their life. In actuality, it does not work in that way. Though mimicking others will take you to some distance, but for a long journey, you need to be yourself.

The foremost reason, why I am saying you to not to mimic others, because they are different set of people than you. They have different kind of environment, different kind of struggle, so their motivation is also different.

I am not saying to not to learn from their journey. I am saying to learn from them, but not to blindly follow them. Be original. Be yourself.

Set Your Goals
Many of us do not have goals. If you are going to argue that, you have goals. Then, tell me why you have not achieved your goal, yet. It is simply because you do not have a goal. Instead, you have dreams.

So, what is the difference between a goal and a dream? The difference between a goal and a dream is simple as the difference between your idol and you. They have goals not dreams. However, they might have quoted, dreams instead of goals, but they have goals instead of dreams.

For your information, a goal is a dream with a plan and deadline. The motivated people, starts with a goal, and then after accomplishing that goal, they go for another. This is how, they keep achieving what they want.

For you, it is time to set a goal. Start with a small goal and then move on to bigger one. As smaller one will allow you to strategize for bigger one.

Build Anticipation
Build anticipation around yourself and commit it publicly about your goals. When you commit your goals publicly, there are more chances of you working on your projects, more diligently, so you can avoid the shame of being a failure. However, there is nothing wrong in failure, but it will push you a little harder to avoid that shame.

Accept Challenges
There is no denial in the fact that there will be challenges. Frankly admitting, there will be thousands of challenges but these challenges make the journey, somewhat memorable. Like they say, bigger the challenge, higher the reward. So enjoy the journey and its challenges.

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1% Motivation Technique
Think and Then Act
First think and then act, not in other way around. First, analyze the problem, after that make an action plan and then go for full attack. Though sometimes, you also need to improvise, when things do not work as if you wanted them to be. However, it is okay to have a detailed plan. One needs an action plan because one has worked so hard, and one wants it badly. An action plan allows one to review nits bits of the project and insure that nothing is left.

Ask For Help
It is not that after all planning, one cannot fail. One can fail even with a well thought plan. There is no problem in that, it is the effort that matters not win or loss. Accept your failure and start again. But before starting again, look for a mentor who can make you understand your flaws. The person who can make you transform your flaws in your strength. The person could be anyone i.e. your parents, your friends, your girlfriend, and your colleagues. So you don’t repeat your mistakes again.

Go For Glory
After working on weaknesses, start again, and then fail again and then start again, until you do not get it right. Always remember, Edison never invented the light bulb in a single attempt, it took him a thousand attempts to do. It is always easy to give up after failed attempt, at any point of time, but it hard to start again and run for glory. Always remember, why you have first started. Always remember your motivation.

In the end, only thing that matters is you. There will be a thousand of challenges but like I have said earlier bigger the challenge, higher the glory. You need to pass those challenges, and the next big story is yours. Always believe you can, and enjoy every moment.

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