10 Things My Father Taught Me About Life

10 Things My Father Taught Me
10 Things My Father Taught Me
1. Family is First.
Fk everything else, the family is first, he always say that. Whenever there is situation to choose between his happiness and family things. He always chose the family over his happiness. I perfectly remember how he sacrificed his bonus cheque, just to buy us our first computer over his bike. He said to ma, my kids need that computer much than me need to have a bike; I can still go with my old scooter to my office.

2. Everything can be solved. Only with TALK.
He says, if you don't talk, then how somebody will know what are you facing now. How can somebody supposed to know your problem, when you don't tell them. All you need, Talk, just let it out. Because if you don't, you are just killing those special moments where you can be happy. So talk, and let it out. And there will solution for you, only when you talk.

3. Treat your lady as the Queen.
She may be the princess of her daddy, but she is the queen of your kingdom. Because her daddy can have three princess, but you only gonna have one queen (just to poke ma). Seriously, she can have her career and happiness but she sacrificed it for you and your kids. Just to make you feel home when you come from office and your kids from school, and college. To motivate you and to stand by you, in your bad times. So, treat her as the Queen not a ordinary lady.

4. Do what you want to Do.
Do what you want to do and don't care about what anybody going to say. Because if you are not happy, what you are doing now, then how will you find the success? So, Do what you like, do what you wanted to do, because if you think what will they think, then how you will able to do that. In addition to that, just tell us what you are going to do; maybe we can also help you building that thing pretty fast.

5. Don't Waste Food.
You have worked hard for it, and you have earn it. So, why waste the food? When you are wasting the food, it means you don't value your efforts. And when someone don't value his efforts, how can you expect others to value you.

6. Invest Early as Possible.
Invest your money as soon as possible. There are only two ways of making money, either you work hard and starve, save the penny, and put them in your bank account or start investing the money, work smart and enjoy the dividends. So what's your option.

7. Choose Your Friends Wisely.
Choose your friends wisely, because your good friends will bring out the best of you but your bad friends are always there to bring you down. So choose wisely.

8. Do your homework first and then PARTY HARD.
He always believe, just finish your homework first and then go play what you want to do. Now he rephrased that saying, just finish your work and then go for the party. And without doing your homework, there is no fun in the party or play. Yup, there is no meaning of enjoyment, when you have not finished your homework.

9. Finish What You Have Started.
Finish what you have started, and how hard it is. And if you are not able to do it, ask for help, learn few new tricks, and then go for the game. Always remember, Finish what you have started, because it pinch more leave work in the middle than not starting it.

10. Good Things, Good People.
My father believes, "Good things happen to good people". So try to be good, (except there are times, when you need to be bad) because good things happen to those who do the good with other. And don't cheat anyone, because you might be happy what you have done at that time, but when your consciousness awakes then it will be really hard for you.

Thank you Papa, for being there when I need you. And thanks for accepting my decision, even they cost you like hell. Thank you for everything.

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  1. lovely! all the teachings are very relevant. thanks for sharing!

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