8 Helpful Tips To Stop Procrastination

Stop Procrastinating
7 Helpful Tips To Stop Procrastination
Do you believe in taking a quick nap or to be engaged with pleasurable activities instead of working on something important, leaving the important work for the last minute? If yes, then there is a word for such a behavior, Procrastination. Meanwhile, when you were complaining about life, how you never have had a life changing opportunity, you were actually procrastinating.

Procrastination is an unintentional crime that has robbed you from your happiness and future prospective. But, if you know all about this then it’s a bigger crime.

However, It is okay and I am proud of you that you have admitted you were procrastinating. Now the next big step is to get rid of it. And here is your action plan.

Stop Thinking Start Doing
Stop thinking. Start doing. That’s it. That’s the mantra. But you are still thinking and do not know what. See, this is your main problem, you are thinking too much. Thinking much leads to worry, worrying makes you to no do the things that you are supposed to do and you get off the track. But things work other way around. Be the doer, take the action, and face the challenges.

Make A To Do List
List out everything that you are supposed to do but you have saved them for last minute. Now, set the deadlines to get them done, and move on to next task. The list will also help you to stick by the plan and allow you to get things done on time.

Break The List Down
Break down the list based on importance and relevance of the task. Start with small but important things that you can accomplish easily. For example, paying the gas and telephone bills, booking the ticket to visit mom and dad and all that stuff. Getting small tasks done will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you to get other things fix as well.

Get Rid of Temptations
Get rid of sleek temptations. Don’t drool over your favorite chocolate cookies and forget to do something that you need to do. In similar order, don’t check emails when you are supposed to go out and get things done, you got hell a lot of time for that. Similarly, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, you have got hell a lot of time for them too.

Make A Pact With Yourself
Make a pact with yourself that you are not going to do any crap until you get your work done. And have the blast at party, don’t work on unnecessary things, when you are partying. You know why you complain about your successful colleague because they work hard and so party hard. But it’s party for you all the time. And you know things don’t work in that way.

Focus On Your Achievement
There is a strange kind of feeling when you get all task done. Remember what I have mentioned in the third point, Break Down The List, there is sense of achievement and motivation. That’s it.

Don’t Mess Up
Just keep calm and don’t mess up. Don’t get back to your old habits. They are right when they say, old habits die hard, but you need to try and stay on the course. Taunt yourself with your older self image, when you have not started gym.

Ask For Help
There is no shame in asking for help. If you don’t know, where to start gym, how to pay your taxes online, how to cook food, just ask for help. People are ready to help and they know these problems seem little but they are huge.

Hope things will be better from now on.

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