Top 20 Blue Chip Stocks in India

blue chip stocks india
Grow Your Money: Blue Chip Stocks in India
Have you ever heard of Blue Chip stocks? I bet you have, in case you have read, THE NOTEBOOK by Nicholas Sparks, the lines goes on, "I suppose [my life] has most resembled a blue chip stock: fairly stable, more ups than downs, and gradually trending upward over time. A good buy, a lucky buy, and I've learned that not everyone can say that about his life."

But what are these Blue Chip Stocks, and what are they do. My uncle warned me when first started trading in stocks, "Don't mess with stupid stocks, only go with blue chips, and when you are fully confident, then start buying those things." But who cares, and then it cost me some hefty amount. Actually they were, 10000 bucks (indian rupees not dollars). But then it's okay, i have earned more than that from stocks (only after losing them and after going to my uncle advice).

What is a Blue Chip Stock?
You might have got the idea, what is BLUE CHIP STOCKS? But in case, you haven't read the Nicholas Sparks quote again.
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Nicholas Sparks on Blue Chip Stocks
A blue chip stock is something highly qualified and high priced stock, with public confidence. Blue chip company is very strong financially, and have a solid track of profit making, even in the times of negativity. In simple words, they are ever shining hope of the stock market. So if you are making solid losses or just started stock trading, then you should start with blue chips.

Why You Should Buy Blue Chip Stocks?
1. They are leaders in the industry.
2. Large capitalisations
3. Stability in earning.
4. Sustainable growth.
5. Regular dividend payouts.
6. Good governance model.
7. Good public perception.

Top 20 Indian Blue Chip Companies
1. TCS
2. Bharti Airtel
3. ITC
4. Coal India
6. HDFC Bank
7. SBI
8. Tata Motors
10. Hindalco
11.  Axis Bank
12. Wipro
13. ONGC
14. Sun Pharma
15. HCL Tech
16. Hindustan Unilever
17. ITC
18. Dr. Reddy's Labs
19. Hero Motocorp
20. Mahindra and Mahindra

Disclaimer: I don't hold any position in above stocks, but i have recommended these stocks to people who ask my advice.

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