Take A Chance

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Take A Chance
Me and Niyati were heading back home, after a long and tiring day at the work. I was in no mood of talking, but you know them (women), they somehow save some energy to talk. Moolchand metro station, just passed away, and I was just waiting for her station to come, so I can take a quick nap. Out of sudden, she pinched me, and said, “Why are you not talking? And Why are you looking up all that time? Do you want to break the ceiling and escape away like superman?

A little tortured me, “Yeah! That’s I want to do, I want to break free.”

Niyati, “Why are you joking! Just tell me what are you thinking? And why are you looking up? It’s bit annoying.”

Me, “Nothing! There is no such thing.”

Niyati, “Come on, you can tell me. What happen?”

Me, “Okay! I want to start something mine, mine own, anything like a little bakery, or a coffee house or a bookstore, something that I could say this is mine, and I am wishing some miracle to happen. I am just fed up of all this. I am asking God to make it happen. And asking him, why things are not happening, even when I am trying.”

Niyati, “There is nothing going to happen if you think this way, I mean, if you look up, you think God live there and there is a heaven, but in reality, God lives inside you and me, and if you believe that you can do this, just TAKE A CHANCE. All you need to a take a chance, and chase your dream.

But if you are just going to pray God, things never going to happen, because God help those who help themselves, and its mean, take some risk, and go for it with 100% dedication, and you might be running your successful bakery, or coffee house, or bookstore or whatever you want. All you need to just take a chance and believe in your dreams.”

Her station, just came up, and just before leaving the metro, she said, ” Just think about it. And God doesn’t live there, he lives inside you. Believe yourself. Take a Chance, you will never know what might happen”

take a chance quotes
Take a chance, you never know what might happen.

And I was, She is right. All you need to TAKE A CHANCE.

Photo Credit: Kate Hiscock


  1. Perfect words from Niyati! Take a chance, it is going to be different, it is going to be unknown but it is going to be all worth it when you look back :)..

    Things have a strange way of working out, we just have to find a way to be in the groove and stay alive..

    All the very best for your plan and the journey mate.. If you need any thoughts on entrepreneurship I will be more than happy to help :)

    1. Thank you Vinay, for such encouraging words. And I surely ask for help if situation demanded.

  2. Nice story, Hemandra.
    True message.
    'God helps those who help themselves' :)

  3. I took the plunge seven years ago. Seven happiest years of my life since then.

    1. I’m sure, it is. We don't look at the big picture, all we just try to magnify those small dots :)

  4. Hi Hemendra,

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