Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Things Are Not Working Out For Me?

Things Are Changing
She was about to cry, but somehow she hold herself. I can see her struggle between her need to cry and want to show not any kind of emotion. At one point of time, the bubble burst, she started crying and said, “Why things are not working out for me? Why I am keep failing at making things work? Why the hell, things are not changing?”

Though, I know there is something wrong going on with her but I never expected that she will burst like that. I just asked her to stop crying and hugged her. She keep asking me, Why this thing is happening with me? Why things are not working when they need to be. I don’t know, what to tell her, but just to comfort her, I ask her to bunk remaining lectures and go for a walk.

So during the walk, I ask her, “what happened?” She told me, “Nothing.” She always acts in this way, never wants to share anything, especially her problems. Nevertheless, after a few steps, she asked me again, “Why things are not working, I am losing hope.” I just told her, “Things are changing, they are really changing for better, but you are so messed up that you are not able to look the change.” She just asks innocently, “How?” I said, “First of all, you need to stop worrying because it only makes things worse. Secondly, you need to be yourself because things are not going to work if you don’t choose to be yourself. And thirdly, you need to change yours attitude, you need to learn to see things from a bigger perspective, and at same time, you need to celebrate your small feats because even your smallest feat can supercharge you to do things and better.”

In the end, all I concluded, everything will be alright if not now but it will be tomorrow. As some wise man has said, for now, you can make this moment better by having a sip of cold coffee 😉

I know, sometimes, you also feel in the same way, I mean, “Why the heck, things are not changing? Why things are not working out for me? Why I am keep failing? All I can say, what I have said to Niyati, first, things are always changing for better, stop worrying, secondly, be yourself and last, change your attitude. Let me elaborate for you. But wait, let me finish my coffee.

Things are always changing, like my grandma always used to say. And they are always changing for better. It is just, you are worrying too much, or expecting too much, but things are changing, even when you are reading this article. They change with their own speed. So stop worrying. It is just that you are not able to feel that change, but the moment when you will stop thinking about the crap anymore, you will feel the change, the happiness, the positivity, the change around yourself.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken, don’t know who said this, I think its Oscar Wilde or leave that for a moment. Really? Yes, leave that who said this? Instead look at the real meaning of the phrase. It says, If you try to mimic others, you might not able to get what you are looking for, and always going to fail. Instead of that, be yourself, because someone else approaches to his problem is best suited for him not for you. However, the problems might look same, but he is different person than you, so how can be his problems and the solution. So, Be Yourself.

You need to seriously change your attitude. Because if you are not going to change your attitude, you will be like, “Why the hell, this things keep happening to me?” It might seem like #1 but I don’t care. See you need to look things from a bigger perspective, what seems very little right now can make a bigger impact in your future. And secondly, you need to start celebrating your small wins, because sum of small wins makes a bigger impact too. And also when the big moment will come, you don’t know how to accept it.

Hope you are feeling the vibe.


  1. Nyc... Quiet a few times v really needed a boast up ... And ths one s something of that sort... :) :)