Life is Like a Camera. Visualize, Focus, Shoot and Develop

life is like a camera meaning
Life is Like a Camera. Visualize, Focus, Shoot and Develop
Camera is like life, dude. First you need to relax, visualize and then click, after that you will get your perfect picture, he said.

At that point of time, I was cursing down my camera as I was not able to get a perfect shot.

He showed me, the fault is not with my camera, but the way I was clicking photos. And after that, I was able to capture, one of the best shots I have ever taken.

The camera is like your life or you can say, Life is like a Camera. Just like a Camera, to take a perfect shot, you need to visualize, focus, shoot and develop. In life, you need to plan, focus, act and then develop yourself in right direction, he said.

He patted on my back and then we separated.

If you got, what he meant to say, then it’s good. If you don't, then let me explain it to you.

We always visualize things from someone else's perspective. But we never try it visualize from our own perspective. We are so busy with their perspectives, that we forget our own perspective. It's good to take other's advice, but it's your life and you need to visualize it for yourself from your own perspective.

Though you have visualized, what you always want. But you don't focus. The focus is the way to reach high standards and if you don't focus, you will never get those high standards.

It is all about timing, you might have great vision and focus, but it also about the timings and conditions. It is similar to the last picture perfect goal, you have just seen, your favorite football player able to score, because he was able to manage to shoot the ball when there was no such great barrier against him and the goal post.

It is the final result. Sometimes, even when we get the perfect shot, we are not able to get the picture. So what we should do, give up or take another chance. The answer is, TAKE ANOTHER CHANCE. Yes, you need to take another chance, and this time, you will get the picture you always want. Similar to that, we need to take our best shot and hope for the best. But in any case, we fail, we should take another chance. We should develop ourselves from our negatives ;)

I think, he was right, when he said, Life is like a camera.

Photo Credit: PhotKing


  1. the life analogy that your have drawn from the camera was great .. nice to read

  2. Amen! See it, to be it ;) Thanks!

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