Why Things Are Not Working Out For Me?

Things Are Changing
She was about to cry, but somehow she held herself.

I can see her struggle between her need to cry and want to not show any kind of emotion.

At one point, she bursts and cried, “Why things are not working out for me? Why do I keep failing? Why things are not changing?”

Though I knew there was something wrong going on in her life, I never expected that she would burst like that.

I asked her to stop crying and hugged her.

She kept asking me, Why this thing is happening with me? Why things are not working when they need to be.

I don’t know, what to tell, but to comfort her, I suggested to bunk rest of the lectures and go for a walk.

During the walk, I asked her, “what happened?”

She replied, “Nothing.”

She always acts in this manner. She doesn't want to share anything, especially her problems.

However, after few steps, she repeated herself, “Why things are not working, I am losing hope.”

I told her, “Things are changing. They are changing at their own pace for better, but you are so messed up in your head that you are not able to observe the change.”

She innocently asks, “How?”

I said, “First of all, you need to stop worrying because it is only making things worse. Secondly, you need to tell me what happened. Thirdly, be true to yourself because things are not going to work if you are not true to yourself. And finally, you need to change your attitude, you need to see things from a bigger perspective, make plans and act wisely."

After which, we talked for an hour or so.

In the end, I paraphrased a quote from an unknown person and asked her for coffee, "Everything will be alright if not today but surely tomorrow and you can always make this moment better by having a sip of cold coffee." 😉

At times, we all feel in the same way when problems strike us. I mean, “Why things are not changing? Why are things not working? Why do I keep failing?

But we have to understand, things are always changing for better. So, stop worrying. Talk to your people. Be yourself. And change your perspective.

Hope this will help.


  1. Nyc... Quiet a few times v really needed a boast up ... And ths one s something of that sort... :) :)

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