Life is beautiful. Killing Yourself is not an Option.

Sampati Meeting by Balasaheb Pandit Pant/Source: Wikipedia
One morning, when Dev was trailing back home after his usual morning walk, he heard a familiar sound. There was someone shouting his name loudly. And when he turned back, he found it was his childhood friend Kamal. He hugged him and said, Kamine! Itne dino baad dikh raha he… (Literally: Rascal! After such long time.)

They stopped by a near chai shop and if be more specific, Mathura Chaiwala Corner. After a little chitchat on school, college, girls, politics and cricket. K suddenly stopped Dev and asked him, “Bro! You haven’t told me, what you are up to these days.”

Dev, “Nothing.”

K, “You always like that! You never like to share your plans, all you want the surprise everyone. But come on, at least you can give me some hint.”

Dev, “Seriously, there is nothing to surprise.”

K, “So what’s next, don’t you have any plan?”

Dev, “Don’t know. Just fed up of everything. All I want to run away somewhere, or sometimes, I think to end up all this.”

K, “Dude! Are you not thinking of killing yourself. If that’s the plan, let me prepare eulogy for you.”

Me, “No, it’s not like that. I know, suicide is not an option for anything, but I really don’t know what I should do. I feel like complete loser! I don’t have a job, I don’t know what I want to do, I don’t know whom should I talk. I really don’t know what is really going on. All I want to end this stuff, somehow.”

K (with a little smile), “You know! At one point of time, I also used to think the same way like you. When all of you cleared your senior secondary board exams, and I failed. I used to think that all of my friends are in college, and they are having time of their life. And I am now sitting with those who used to be my juniors. It feels disgusting, all that time. I used to think in the same way that I am failure, I am of no use and it was like I will never succeed in my life. But when I think of it now, it’s like, how big fool I was then?”

He stopped for a while, and after taking a chuski from his chai.

K continues, “Let me tell you a story. It was told by my father when I was through the same stuff. I don’t know how he sensed, but I am really gladful to him that he did.”

K, “This story is from Ramayana, when Hanuman was searching for Sita. In frustration, when not able to find her, he decided to give up his life. The Great Hanuman, who is known for his courage, strength and intelligence, wants to give up his life.

When Hanuman and company reached southernmost point of India and still not able to find Sita, Hanuman talks to Jamabavan and Angad, how will they face Rama, Lakshman and Sugreeva, after failing them. And how will they react, if they go back and tell them they have failed. So, all of them decided to give up their lives by taking Samadhi.

A wingless vulture, Sampati, who was delighted with the thought of a feast, teasingly asked Hanuman, “Can I eat your bodies if you wish to die soon?” But when Hanuman recognized Sampati with Jatayu, he asked Sampati, “Are you related to the Great Jatayu?” Sampati replies, “Yes, I am his brother but how do you know about Jatayu?” Hanuman told him the whole episode of Ravana-Jatayu duel, and how Jatayu got martyred. On learning about Jatayu and Rama-Sita-Ravana, Sampati offered to help him and told him whereabouts of Sita.

On learning the whereabouts of Sita, Hanuman and company rejoiced but the joy was short lived. They saddened when they realized, how they would cross such large sea in front of them. Sampati offered to help them but he was wingless. But Jamabavan who knew of Hanuman’s strength, suddenly realized the fact, reminds Hanuman of his strength and divinity and asks him to take the leap of faith.

And Hanuman did.

On reaching Lanka, Hanuman finds Sita was struggling with same conflict. She was considering the option of ending up her life. She wonders what if her husband had lost his interest in her. Therefore, there is no point of living, as she is no longer in want of her husband. Sita used her braids to hang herself but miserably failed. Hanuman who was observing all of this, learns the foolishness of his own act. Now without wasting a second, Hanuman appears in front of Sita and assured her, that lord Rama is always thinking of her and will rescue her as soon as possible.

K, “Now you understand, what I mean?”

Dev, “Yes! I think so”.

K, “Look! At some point of time, we all go through this struggle, but you know, it is just a bad phase that will pass away, somehow and all we need to stay motivated.”

K continues, “See! Here what you need to do.
2. Find where your strength lies.
3. Find your motivation.
4. Keep calm and work hard.”

In the end, K, “How’s the Bhabhi?” And then there is again, they engaged in their boy’s talk.

There is solution for everything, all you need to believe in yourself. Let me re-iterate the solution for you.

1. Talk to someone, talk to whom you love or trust or anybody. All you need to talk.
2. Believe in yourself, and there is solution for everything.
3. Know your strength and weakness. And work on them.
4. Find the motivation and stay motivated.
5. Always remember, “Failure is just step to success. Keep calm, work hard and work smart”.
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