Who Am I? And What I Am Doing Here?

Who you are and what are you doing here?
Who am I and What I am doing here?
Who am I? And what I am doing here? These are two questions that pop up in my mind, whenever i feel lone, demotivated and disheartened. And I am sure that you might also ask these questions to yourself when you are demotivated and stressed out.

So starting with, who am I? Or rather say who you are? And answer for this question is, "You are everything and everything is you".

Yup, you have heard it right, you are everything and everything is you. That's what my Ma has to say, when I ask her same thing.

I laughed on hearing this, [it might be possible, you are also laughing like me.] So I ask her, who are you?

She replied, "I am everything and everything is me".

I laughed again and said, "You mean we are like Gods as you said, we are everything and everything is us".

She smiled and replied, "Yes, if you think that we are gods, then we are gods."

She continues [now in serious tone], "I am part of everything and everything is part of me. Whenever I see, listen, read, meet and communicate with other people. For that moment, I am connecting with that someone, I am being part of their lives and they are being part of me. This thing also applies to you, as we are all interconnected.

Now when you do something good or achieve something, that does not only affect you but also affect others who knows you or who are somehow connected with you. Your achievements and success transpires in others and motivate them to do something good. Just like your favorite sportsman, inspires you to do great things in your field and life."

Then she stopped, and asked me, "By the way, who is favorite sportsman".

I replied, "Rafael Nadal".

She smiles and said, "Oh! That young man who always want to eat his silver trophies"

I said, "Yes!"

Now she continues, "Just like Nadal, whenever he wins, he inspires and motivates you to do something great in your field, in you academics and everything. And just like you, he inspires others to achieve something great in their fields and lives.

Then she said, "That's what was the answer of your other question, what I am doing here?

We are here to do great thing, inspire, motivate and touch lives.

So whatever field you choose, always stay motivated, do great things in your field and inspire other people to do great things as well ;)."

This little conversation with my Ma has changed lot in me, and I hope it also helped you to find out, who are you? And what are you doing here? Do comment please, and let me know what you really feel?

Image Credit: Ahmad Hammoud


  1. The post is good. Reading to this It seems aditya chopra is making
    Dhoom-4 with same starcast but this time the heroine oriented movie..
    In this post you have told all the good things what we have been accustomed to since childhood through your mother..

    Good effort
    Waiting for the best
    God bless you

    1. Thanks Bhaia and really need your blessings :)

  2. Good post. Reading this
    It seems Aditya chopra is making Dhoom 4 with same starcast
    But this time womem oriented movie
    In your post you have told same thing through your mother
    That we have been accustomed to since childhood

    You have done good Job
    Take care
    God bless you

  3. I think this question comes up rarely in people's lives; most of them are too busy for this. As written in SMB GITA-GOD made MAYA for humans to revolve around it. But great souls see above it understand the meaning of life, creation and destruction. And this might seem odd, anyone can become a great soul. We all have the potential. And you can recognize by asking this question that has been asked here again and again until you get a satisfactory answer.

  4. Tratt, first thanks for joining the discussion. And secondly, the answer is pretty simple, find what you really want to do and you will find yourself. Though i can not give you exact reference point but i think its from Shiva Purana, when Hanuman ask Shiva, Who am I? Shiva replied, the question is not, Who am I? but the question is Why I am doing and what is my real motive? And when you able to answer What I am doing here and What is my real motive? You will know, Who Am I?.

  5. Nice 1 bro n i hope u wll write Mre...

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