iPhone 5 or iPhone 6

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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6
When a great player plays, he always expected to do better than his past performances. And when he fails to repeat his past record, he start getting criticism and tips on how to play the game. This phenomenon also applies to every person, company, and everything which exist in this world. And this is now somewhat happening with Apple over its new Apple iPhone 5.

Though the Apple iPhone 5 is the most successful phone, until now and has been sold over 50 million within first week of its launch. With new iPhone 5 , for the first time Apple has come up with 4 inch screen. And to add icing on cake, new iPhone is also geared up with 4G LTE enhancement for better connectivity. There are many big and small changes that people rarely have noticed. But mediocre treatment with its OS, iOS 6, removal of some basic apps and phone's camera has made this deal sour.

In new iPhone 5, Apple has dropped out the Google Maps in lieu of Apple Maps. Yep, that is true if you haven't bought the new iPhone or upgraded to iOS 6. And this step has posed Apple, a major backlash among the new iPhone users. Though Tech Analyst sees it is an Apple strategy to get rid of its dependency on Google Maps, and improve their own mapping system. And this fact is even more relevant with Apple CEO Tim Cook's open letter to Apple customers and other stakeholders, by offering an apology to customers along with a promise to improve the Apple Mapping service.

Another problem which is also causing rage among new iPhone users, it is with their 8 MP camera. Many iPhone users have complained about the purple tinge that’s come on margin, while clicking photos. Adding to misery of iPhone 5 users, Apple has asked its users to hold the phone properly and not click photos in straight sunlight in order to get better out of their camera. Though it is one of basic photography tips, to not click the photos in straight sunlight. But such malfunction in product and arrogant reply to the user misery should not come from such reputable company.

So now question arrives, what is to be expect next? Should I wait for new iPhone or I go with this one. I think if you are looking for the next iPhone (iPhone 5s or iPhone 6), you might need to wait a whole year or so on to grab it. And if you are die-hard Apple fan and can't live without showing off your new iPhone, you should go for this current iPhone version (even if i say no, you will go for it).

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post. In next post will explain you, why I have said, "you might need to wait a whole year or so on to grab it" regarding iPhone 6 and what is to be expected from the iPhone 6.

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