Top 3 Hindi Story Book Apps For Android

Android Hindi Story Book Apps For Kids
Hindi Story Book Apps For Android
Today, one of my pen pals asks me to suggest her, some good Hindi story apps. I was in bit surprise, as she is Japanese and she is asking for Hindi story apps. In my curiosity, when I ask her, what she will do with these Hindi story apps. She replied, "I love learning new languages and as if now, I am learning Hindi. And to learn new words and how to use them, short stories are the best things you can have. So this is why I am asking you to suggest me some Hindi storybook apps."

This little thing made me think, that how many of us are searching for good Hindi storybook apps. Though not most of us are looking for learning Hindi, but people who know Hindi might be looking these apps for fun, or to tell these stories to their kids or some other reason. So I have decided to publish a post to help you. And here are my top 3 Hindi storybook app suggestions to her, and you ;)

1. Hindi Story Book
Hindi Story Book is a simple story book app with very nice and clean design. This app contains more than 200 stories from Akbar-Birbal, Panchatantra, Tenali Raman, and Singhasan Battisi. Large font size is used, but if you are not interested in large font, you can also adjust it.

2. Hindi Story Book 2
This app is an simple extension or you can say sequel to Hindi Story Book. But this time its bigger than previous one, HSB 2 got more than 400 stories, from Betaal Pacchisi, Mahabharata and other indian folkores.

3. Hindi Books
The name says it all, this app got pandora of Hindi story books and novels for you in Hindi. You will able to read some of the most famous Indian and foreign authors in Hindi like Leo Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, and Maxim Gorky.

If you know some other good apps like them. Please suggest them in comments.

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