How To Add Domain To Tumblr Blog

add domain to tumblr
How To Add Domain To Tumblr
Adding your custom domain name to your blog, not only give the personalization but they are also easy to remember than your blog at some free sub domain name. Adding sub domain also give advantage when switching from one platform to another, insuring that you don't lose your regular visitors.

With Tumblr free domain mapping upgrade, you can make your tumblr blog more personal, more secure and more remember able. But here the problem come, how to do it. First, you need to understand it is pretty simple to map your domain on tumblr and it is not any rocket science. Here I have write down all the instruction on how to add domain to your tumblr blog.

1. Adding Domain To Tumblr at
First go to your Domain Registrar, login to your CONTROL PANEL, now add A Record pointing to

2. Adding Domain To Tumblr at or with redirection
To add domain to your Tumblr at, you need to add a CNAME Record (www or blog) pointing to

3. Now adding domain to Tumblr at or without redirection
In order to do this, all you need to add CNAME record pointing to without adding the A Record.

Now after setting up your domain name at your domain registrar, you need to follow these steps.
1. Go to Tumblr, and login with your Tumblr username and password.
2. Go to Settings, by clicking the Tumblr Settings Gear Button.
3. Now click on the Blog Settings button, on which you want to add your domain.
4. Check the Use A Custom Domain Name box, and add your domain name.
5.  Hit "Test you domain".
6. Rectify the problems, if any encountered
7. Click on Save button if everything is OK.

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