Do Babes Make Men Dumb?

Do Babes Make Men Dumb?
Call them pretty girls of x generation, babes of y-generation or hot chicks of z-generation, do they make men dumb? And answer to this pretty silly question is warmingly “Yes”. Yes, they do make them, dumb and helpless, make them to do something silly. And this power of pretty women is now being recognized by Internet publishers too.

Internet Giants like GoDaddy which were using pretty faces for their brand promotion and now have inspired the tons of video and text content publishers. Today on YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, you can found most of video content publishing companies ripping the power of beauty. By using the power of attraction, they are really fetching the visitors attention and translating those visits in sales.

So the big question is now, what really fetch people to hot female video anchors. And you can get the answer with these two points.

1. Feel Good Factor
There is kind of feel good factor associated with these videos having babes. When you play any video content, you really want to listen a mesmerizing voice instead of baritonious commanding one.

2. Everyone Loves Happy Faces.
A girl face is somewhat associated with happiness. And with lots of negativity everywhere, all we want little happiness in our life, so why we don’t like to see a happy face i.e. beautiful girl.

So do you agree with me that pretty girls make men or mostly all of the people dumb and able to sell the product better than men?


  1. Yup ! Girls are the ones who makes Boys dumb as they have been gifted with Beauty so obviously boys go with there looks and finally ends with becoming dumb !

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