Stumbleupon Changes its Look

stumbleupon changes its looks
Stumbleupon Changes its looks
Like some wise man has said, "Change is the name of the game" and that's now being seem true with Stumbleupon. Yep, Stumbleupon has changed it's look again i.e. second time in this year with an official announcement made on their official Stumbleupon blog by Stumbleupon Product Manager David Baden. And now they have changed to somewhat a murkier version of Pinterest.

So what is really new in the Stumbleupon except being a murkier lookalike of Pinterest. And why they have changed the Stumbleupon interface, second time in this year. Though I really don't know why they have really changed whole layout. But I really can tell you, what have really changed except the layout. First of all there are three more section being added beside "Your Interest" section, namely Activity, Trending and Lists and a fun DNA graph call StumbleDNA.

stumbleupon new dashboard looks activity lists and trending
Stumbleupon New Dashboard Looks
Activity section will be showing the real-time likes of your friends and people you are following on. The Activity section, also include the newly stumbled pages from high karma stumblers. According to Stumbleupon these high karma stumbler are those Stumbleupon users which have expertise in certain field of Stumbleupon categories and their stumbled pages add some value to Stumbleupon discovery search.

With Trending section likewise Twitter and Google+ trends, now you can see what is really making buzz on the Stumbleupon.

Lists, the third and the last Stumbleupon feature by which you can group all your likings according to yourself. And in the list section you will be able to see lists made or liked by your friends and other people you follow

StumbleUpon New Profile look and StumbleDNA
StumbleUpon New Profile look and StumbleDNA
Stumbleupon has also added an fun-graph called StumbleDNA which allows you what kind of likings you have in your blood. And you can see it Stumbleupon Product Manager David Baden graph. Though this fun-graph StumbleDNA only visible to your profile visitor, so that they can follow you on the basis of your likings.

Though the new features are really cool, but i really hate the new Stumbleupon color scheme. It is somewhat a transition from happy mood to gloomy more work oriented color scheme. Except color scheme, i really liked the whole change. So now you say, what is your take on the new Stumbleupon.

Photo Credit: Stumbleupon

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