Why Twitter Killing Posterous?

Twitter Killing Posterous
With almost 100% drop in the Posterous traffic, i realized that Twitter is now leading Posterous way to the graveyard. When news first came out, Twitter had bought second most popular tumble logging platform Posterous. Other two alternative tumble-logging services Tumblr and WordPress servers were bombarded with thousands of migrating Posterattis with their tumblelogs.

And now with Posterous traffic almost dropping to half, and no buzz from Posterous team about future developments confirmed that Twitter is sometime sooner or later dumping Posterous. Here I have try to pin down the three reasons that Why Twitter is killing the Posterous, and why you should move on to Tumblr and WordPress.

1. Being No. 2
Though the Posterous, is the number two in the tumble-logging market. But it is way too smaller is size when compare to big daddy of tumble-logging Tumblr. And with entry of WordPress in tumble-logging market, Posterous is continuing to loose its market share.

2. No Revenue
This is another reason why Twitter might going to dump Posterous, No Revenue. And except premium themes, posterous do not have any way of money making. They do not allow the advertising on their blogging platform, or have any thing like premium upgrades to make money.

3. To Make Twitter more user friendly and acq-hiring Posterous team.
Acq-hiring the Posterous for its talented work force, in order to make twitter a better place and dumping the Posterous for being a competition in social media market.

So now whatever the reason, Twitter sooner or later will be dumping your favorite tumble-logging platform. So if you are still riding the wave of social media with posterous. Please migrate to other blogging system.

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