16 Ordinary Acts of Courage For An Extraordinary Life

Courage is a tricky thing to explain. Courage is an act in the field of action, and courage is also a smile that you put on your face when you know everything is not right. Courage is the cause which inspires you to change the world, and courage is also the effort to change one’s very own world. Courage is the love that you see in your lover’s eyes, and courage is also a heartfelt advice to believe in love, even when you are heartbroken. Courage is everything that you can think of and courage is everything that you cannot. And here are few tiny little things that courage is.

1. Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart
It starts with a dream. Dream to be big. Dream to find new roads. Dream to excel in life. But no such thing ever happens as we don’t dare to leave the comfort of our everyday life.

Dare to dream big. Dare to follow your dream. Because only then you will know how to fulfill them.

2. Be Authentic
Be Authentic
Take off your mask. You are born to be you not someone else. Be courageous enough to show your vulnerable side and share your flaws with others. Open your eyes, there is nothing perfect in this world. And if such a person ever exists, he must be a bore or lunatic.

Also, be courageous enough to be authentic so that, in your light, others also can free themselves.

3. Take Risks, Make Mistakes And Learn From Them.
Be an Individual
Take risks. Mark into new territory. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If something goes wrong, learn what you are missing. Use that new-found knowledge to conquer the world.

4. Celebrate Little Things.
Appreciate Little Things
Don’t miss out on the little things. Celebrate these moments with your friends and family. It is a sign that you are making progress. It is a sign that you haven’t lost. And because life happens in these little things.

5. Stand Up For The Right Thing
Stand Up
Stand up for the right things. Even when your family and friends are against you. Even when things are going either way.

Eventually, they will learn about your intentions and support you in your cause.

6. Accept Criticism
Accept Criticism
Be courageous enough to accept criticism. Even when we are on the right side of the spectrum, we have our own flaws. And when someone points about those flaws, humbly accept the fact and try to improve on those points.

7. Leave The Past Behind
Move On
It’s over. Now let it go. Say hello to future, even when you want to live in your past, so badly. Be courageous enough to let it go.

8. Apologize
It is no shame to apologize. Contrary, it is a sign of your strength. It is a sign that you care for people and you value their position in your life.

9. Ask For Help
Ask For Help
Ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage. It is a sign that you know, you have a life to live, and something important to finish.

It is a sign that you are courageous enough to give life another shot.

10. Listen And Understand
Listen and Understand
Sometimes, things are very different from what they look like.

To learn about this difference, be patient enough to listen and understand the facts, i.e. how it feels like to be in someone else shoes.

11. Learn To Say No
Say No
Don’t say “yes” to everybody or anybody. Learn to say “no”. Keep things simple. Because you also need your time for yourself as much they want for themselves.

12. Help Others
Help Others
Though, above statement doesn’t mean that you have to be a moron and say “no” to anyone and everyone. Say “yes” to those who were with you in your bad times. Say “yes”, even to those who are in extreme need of help, and you know you can save them. Be humble enough to help others when they genuinely need help.

13. Stand Up And Ask Questions
Have the courage to ask questions at right time. Take a stand for what is right. Because if you don’t ask your question, now. You might not be able to ask them forever.

14. Relax
Sometimes, all you need to do, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and sit back.

15. Smile
Smile, even when things are not working the way you want them to be. It might be, your smile works as mitochondria to someone else life.

16. Never Give Up
Never Give Up
Do you know? Edison failed one thousand times before he finally invented the light bulb. The reason why he succeeded, because he was courageous enough to give it another shot, and use the learning from his failures in his future attempts.

So, don’t you dare to think of giving up, because you fought for it when you first started, and now you have to fight again.

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