The Civil Society of Dogs — A Short Story

Satire on Society
The Civil Society of Dogs — A Short Story/Img Source: Wikipedia
The Man enters breathing heavily, clothes half torn, blood dripping from his right hand, and holding something pretty tightly, probably his bag.

And then bunch of dogs followed him, looking him and howling in such a way, which could terrify anyone.

He picked up the black colored flower vase which was just lying on table, to threaten dogs, but dogs didn’t stop.

So while he’s about to throw the vase.

The motel owner in threatening voice warns him, “Don’t you dare to throw vase on these dogs or I need to call the authorities if you hurt any of these dogs. Sir.”

The Man looks at motel owner in helpless manner, “Why?”

Motel owner, “Because it’s against the law. And I will not let you break the law. Sir.”

The Man asks “So you are saying, I allow them devour me and not to protest?”

Motel owner, “First, they will bark at you, and then, they will get exhausted and then finally, they will leave this place. Till then you can stay here.”

As soon as the Man falls on nearby sofa, the motel owner continues, “But you need to pay the rent or buy some service from here.”

The Man, “What if I don’t have any money to pay?”

Motel owner, “You need to leave. And If you persist, I will call the authority.”

The Man, “Thanks.”

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