Never Devalue Yourself – You Are Worthier Than You Think

Never Devalue Yourself – You Are Worthier Than You Think
There was a young boy, who used to assist his pot maker father. But things changed drastically after his father’s death, the responsibility of his family comes to him. And now he is sole breadwinner of his family.

Though he knows about pot making, but don’t have any knowledge about business. The very first day, as anyone can guess turns out to be very hard. He was not able to sell any pot till evening and don’t have any high hope to do so in last hour.

A fruit seller who knew his father, was checking the boy, how he is doing? And he was also bit sad for him. Accidentally, a small kid breaks the fruit seller’s pot, while fetching water. As it was accident, he didn’t make any issue, and he let the boy go. After thinking a bit, he decides to buy a new pot for himself and it would help the young pot maker also.

He asks young pot maker, “how much for a pot?” He replied, “Chahca, 16 Annas” Fruit seller asks him, “Can you give me this in 8 annas?” After thinking a bit and looking at his situation, he agrees for 8 annas. But fruit seller again asks for discount and this time, he wants that pot in 4 annas. And reluctantly boy agrees. But fruit seller didn’t stop, he asks again for 2 annas and boy agrees to this price. Then fruit seller asks young boy, can you give me this in free. And this time boy becomes numb and said, Chacha I can you give this in one anna but not in free. I have a family to feed.

The fruit seller gave him 16 annas and lifts his pot. He also helped young pot maker in wrapping up. And they start walking toward home. The boy asked fruit seller, “Chacha, why you gave me 16 annas for pot, when I was giving it to you in one.” Fruit seller replied, “Never Devalue Yourself.” The young boy didn’t get it. And he was blankly looking at fruit seller.

Fruit seller then told him, “Never devalue yourself, even how hard it is, you are worthier than you think. And once you devalue yourself, then people want devalue you a bit more and more.” And this applies to business, and in life too.

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