Like It Happened Yesterday By Ravinder Singh – A Book Review

Like It Happened Yesterday By Ravinder Singh – A Book Review
Do you believe in the time machine that will take you to your past? If your answer is NO, then I insist, you should change your opinion, the other way around?

Like It Happened Yesterday is the name of the time machine invented by Ravinder Singh. Ravinder Singh, the face behind the national best-seller, I Too Had A Love Story, comes up with a beautiful nostalgic joy ride that will take you to retreat your past, while you relax on your sofa, or commute through metro.

Though one can say, Like It Happened Yesterday is a semi-autobiographical retelling of writer’s childhood, but leaving the semi-autobiography thing aside, in the true sense, it is the story of you and me. It is an account of first things in our life, i.e., first injection :D, first school day, first crush, first fight and everything that happened for the very first time. And the days when everything was a pleasant discovery.

In one such account when Ravin tells us about his dental operation, you will be unable to control your laughter, he writes, We were at war! United, they stood. Alone. I sat. In one more such account about discovering the big truth of one’s own birth, inspired by his Karna’s birth story, he about to witness the childbirth in real, when his 3 number wali aunty, do the Surya pranam, but it was cut short by his mother as she calls him.

Comparing with Ravin’s other work, I Too Had a Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice?, Like It Happened Yesterday, shows Ravin has truly matured as a writer. And it defines a very new shade of him. In my opinion, this is Ravin’s best work up to date. Though Ravin also comes up with another book, but I haven’t bought it’s copy yet. So till then, it is the best.

Summing up, Like It Happened Yesterday is about the salad days of the life. And the beauty of this book lies in its simple and heartfelt narration. It never claims of something extraordinary. If it did so, then there might be no fun. In my opinion, it is a perfect in the way it is. And the book will appeal to you more if you are the 80s or 90s kid.

And by any mean, if you reading this post, Rinku Veere, then I confess, Tussi Chha Gaye Veerji…

LIke It Happened Yesterday Quotes
LIke It Happened Yesterday Quotes
Meanwhile, I leave you with these beautiful quotes from the book, till you get its copy for yourself.

1. We were at war! United, they stood. Alone. I sat.

2. Some discoveries are worth remembering for a lifetime. Some discoveries are so close to the heart that only the discoverer can feel them and cherish them. I could empathize with my childhood hero Columbus. I felt exactly the way, he might have felt after discovering America.

3. But I was wrong. All my little unsympathetic brother did was to return with some more dal for himself.

4. The class laughed. I failed to understand why. I thought of joining in with their laugh, but soon I guessed that maybe I was the subject of their laughter.

5. As the days passed, I even started liking the song Papa Kehte Hain. It had started making a different sense to me. Soon, I wanted to become the one who could sing that song and prove to the world that I meant every word of what I was singing.

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