9 Innovative Small Space Living Ideas For Small Yet Beautiful Homes

9 Innovative Small Space Living Ideas For Small Yet Beautiful Homes
Last night when I tuned my radio set to FM Gold, they were playing one of my old time favorites, Do Deewane Shehar Mein from the Amol Palekar’s classic Gharonda. As soon as song was over, it follows the typical radio presentator voice, now discussing about the importance of a house in one’s life. And, how does a house become a home to one.

In this one to one talk, where I presumed myself to be the other participant like thousands of others, we discussed about how due to shortage of space and exorbitant pricing in metros caused many dreams not to be realized. But in the lust of bigger space, we often forget, it is home that actually matter, not space. And with few smart tricks, we can make even our small home look better than a house with large space.

So here I present you, a few simple and smart small space living ideas to make your small home, more lively and comfy to you in association with #JustAClickAway Durian.

The Mirror Effect
Mirror Mirror, Who is the most beautiful in this world? Mirror replies, “Your Home.” Yup, Mirror are the magical things that can transform the way your home looks. Try to use large mirror frames, or cover the whole wall with mirror, and if used as smartly, they can create a beautiful illusion of large space. Take a cue from above picture. Try them on the wall adjacent to the main gate of the room.

Paint it Right
Don’t go for dark shades, go with very light shade or more preferably with neutral shades. Simply because they are better reflector of light, and with better light, you can create a better ambiance.

Invest in Smart Furniture
Go for smart furniture like sofa-cum-bed or bed with storage boxes, as this kind of furniture not only save you space but also help you in declustering things. Like with sofa cum beds, you can use them as sofa on normal days, but also as bed when someone lodges at your home. And in case of bed with storage boxes, they can help you in storage related problems.

Show Off Your Pantry
No space for pantry? Then don’t panic. Sport a good wooden shelving system with a clean design, and put all your good looking pantry. And show them off. I learned this very thing from my nani’s home.

Go Vertical
Most of times, we forget about the vertical space in our homes. I mean, with help of cool designer shelves or cabinets, one can use this vertical space mindfully. You can set up your flat screen television with help of wall hung tv cabinets, or your can sport your DVD or book library with cool designer shelves. Anything, that can go vertical.

Utilize The Area Under The Staircase
I believe, the space under the staircase is most overlooked part of any house. But if planned properly, one can use this space as storage unit, library or space where you can show off your art work.

Drape It Up
I confess, I cheated in this case, this tip is from my cousin, Heena. She pointed, if you can go with curtains, as high as up to ceilings, i.e. just two or three inches below the ceiling, you can easily create an effect of larger space.

Drape To Divide
This tip is also related to curtains. One can simply use curtains in order to divide the space into two sections. This will helpful in creating the private space when needed. Mostly when there a friend or relative stays with you for one or two days.

Home Office Nook
This one is for bloggers especially, when short on space, you should not let any space go unused. One can always use the space in balcony, in case your balcony is covered, or the other unused space as your home office.

I believe with ideas picking up in your mind, you liked this post, but in any case if you have any suggestion or tips to make small space living more cheerful and comfy, please share them in comment box or on facebook page.

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