How To Clean Your House in Less Than 30 Minutes

How to Clean The House in Less Than 30 Minutes
If you ever been to any bachelor pad, then you might realise, a bachelor is pretty much similar to a kabootar khana, or one might point out, it is even worse than a kabootar khana. And ours bachelor pad was not very different from generalized perspective, I mean, mine, Prateek and Vidyut’s kabootar khana.

It is an incidence of one such fine evening, when I and Vidyut was enjoying our lassi at Tija, and my nokia supernova buzzed damn loud with Ranaji, a song from movie, Gulaal, which I used to identify with our very own Ranaji, Prateek. Though, for your kind information, Tija Coffee House is one of the most happening places in the small yet beautiful but also little sleepy town of Alwar in Rajasthan, which is only famous for its nearby Sariska Tiger Reserve, and where there is no tiger left, but an ancient Hanuman temple, Pandupole of Mahabharat.

In little confused hush-hush voice Prateek said, “Nikita ke papa ghar par aa rahe hain”. And when we inquired him, “why?” Without any knowledge of what is going around, he answered, “because he have found no place to stay and they have no room for guest in girl’s hostel.” Though if you are wondering who is Nikita? Nikita is Prateek’s fiance, who works as an English teacher in some primary school. So listening to him, we all reached to our house, in about ten minutes, with our Dhanno, geared up (Rajdoot RX100 :D)

When we entered in our house, it was all mess, than what we left. Because our Ranaji had this broom in one and bottles of you know what in other hand. The floor was filled with torned wallpapers and remaining dishes from last night and night before last night :D. And everything was literally mess. So I called Nikita, told her all the situation. She want to talk Ranaji, but then he was all scared of her. Then, she told me not to worry, she would be there at SDM chowk, and someone need to pick up her from there, and everything will be then sorted out in meantime, and then someone again need to escort her to her hostel within the time framework.

Vidyut was all ready for whatever instruction is for him and her beloved dhanno. And within 15 minutes, Nikita was there with Vidyut at our kabootar khana. It was all easy to map down Alwar within no time, if you stay there, for say one week. The first thing she uttered with her mouth, What The F… Ghar Hain Ya Kabootar Khana? And Ranaji was looking for some hiding place or something that will kill him within a second. And I was like stashing away our bottles. But then she managed all the things within no time, and instructed three of us, of what things we need to do. And it was in thirty minutes, our kabootar khana was transformed like we are in some other place, which we had never seen, but it was our house. Leave that. Meanwhile, Nikita asked Ranaji to drop her to hostel, and asked me and Vidyut to brought some flower, because her father likes them, though it seems bit stupid at first, but then we thought it’s queen orders, what we can do.

And at 9:27, when I and Vidyut were sipping our masala chai, Prateek knocked the door, and he was with Niki’s father. We offered him chai, but he was busy in inspecting our house, and after his little inspection, he sat along with Vidyut, and asked him, aur beta aajkal kya kar rahe ho, aur shaadi ka kya plan hai. And I poked Prateek while Niki’s father was saying all this stuff, “le beta teri shaadi hui nahi… tere sasur ne pehle hi dusre damaad ka intezaam kar liya”. And then he poked me back, “kyon teri baat chalayu”.

But if you are wondering how we did it, I mean Nikita got it all right, then read the below tips to transform your kabootar khana to a beautiful house.

1. Stash Away
Niki instructed me to stash away all the dirty laundry, linen including pillow cover in one or two bags, whatever. Though after that incidence, I realised if you sort out your all laundry stuff, then the half the work is done.

2. Eliminate The Clutter
Kick start your safai abhiyaan (cleaning spree) by spending few minutes picking up the random things from each room, like newspaper, books, dvds, tools, and everything which is not sorted in some way. Once it’s all done, then call everybody to put the stuff back to places where they actually belongs.

3. Dust it Out
Now your house looks like pretty much sorted out, all you need to start dusting. So pick up a jhaadu (or in some case, vaccum cleaner), and dust it out.

4. Bathroom Time
First step to deal with bathroom is to sort out all your toiletories. Second, spray and wipe the mirror. Third, disinfect sinks, and tubs. Meanwhile, also replace old towels with a fresh one. And always remember to check the corners, this is where it is most dirty.

5. Clean The Kitchen
I always remember, how Ranaji was making creepy faces, while doing the dishes. And Niki was sorting out other stuff in kitchen. And how Niki was taunting Ranaji for all that stuff, where me and Vidyut were having a fun time. But this was it. First they dealt with dishes, then soaked the pans with hot water which needed lot of cleaning. Third, put all the containers back to shelves where they belong. Then, Ranaji dealt with pan, which was then easily cleaned.

6. Sorting Out The Living Room
It took us a minute to think but then we sorted the whole room in next four minutes precisely. We placed the television remote on the table. We placed a book on side table, accidentally it was Freuds, Theory of Dreams. Because Niki’s father was sort of expert on Freud, Jung and all other psychoanalysis stuff. We placed a beautiful madhubani painting, which I recieved as gift from colleague. And then it was looking like some house not some kabootar khana.

7. Fresh It Up
Still It was missing something. Some kind of odour was there in our house. One can say, thanks to all crap in our kabootar khana. But it was also because it rained heavily in noon that day. We were like the hapless kids, as we were thinking, all our hardwork is in vain now. But then when I reminded Vidyut to bring some flowers as requested by Niki, Vidyut got the idea of Ambi Pur room fresheners. Though he didn’t got the flowers, but he got the Ambi Pur Spring and Renewal, which works wonder for us. The odour was completely gone, leaving behind a subtle and natural fragrance.

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