How To Break Away From Bad Habits

How To Break Away From Bad Habits
How To Break Away From Bad Habits
I was about to lit the cigarette when someone tapped my back. It was my Chachu. And on seeing him, the cigarette fell from my mouth. Though he didn’t say, and start looking for something. He picked a stick. And instructed me to stand there. And with stick in his hand, I said to myself, Aaj toh gaye beta.

But Chachu did nothing. On contrary to my thoughts, he gave that stick to me, and ask me to break. And I easily broke it into two.

Chachu ask me to break them again. Though this time with little effort, I again broke it into more halves, precisely four.

Chachu asked me to break them one more time, “But this time I couldn’t.” And then he said, kuch samajhe buddhu ram (Do you learn something?)

Yes, the power lies in being united.

He laughed, and gently stroked my head, and then said, No.

So asked him again, so what does this mean.

It means, your bad habits, and their hold on you.

In start, you can easily break away with your bad habits. Though, after sometime, you can also break away from these bad habits with little effort. But with time, these bad habits start rooting in you, and there is a time, when you can’t break away with your vices.

And then, I decided not to touch the cigarettes from that very moment. But it’s in human nature and like they say bad habits die hard. I smoke for a while, I struggled for a while but eventually, I quit smoking.

I believe, its same with all kind of bad habits, whether its internet addiction, or alcohol addiction or smoking, once you are trapped, YOU ARE TRAPPED. So here is my action plan to break away with your bad habits.

What Causes The Bad Habits?
I believe you will answer, Stress and Boredom. And I confess, my reasons for smoking were same i.e. STRESS and BOREDOM.

Most of times, bad habits are a way to deal with stress and boredom. Everything from smoking to your drinking spree or wasting time mindlessly on internet is because of stress and boredom.

But it is not be that way. One can teach self, to deal with stress and boredom, in a healthy way. These bad habits only provide an escape, and are not real solution.

Though, there are many things that are behind your bad habits? Some sort of fear, belief, event – something that is inhibiting from you to being you.

So, it is very important to learn the very reason behind your bad habits, so you can break away from them.

How To Break A Bad Habit?
Accept Yourself
First step to break away with anything, that you need to accept. Accept yourself and Accept that your habits are destroying you. And when you accept these things, half the work almost done.

Don’t Kill Them, Replace Them With A Good Habit.
There is a thing with bad habits, we try to leave them, but eventually we bounce back to them, more aggressively. So don’t kill them, instead of that replace them with something positive and good. For example, whenever I have this urge to smoke, I start doing the exercises, I skip for instance, I do push-ups or I go for walk and sometimes, I go to bakery shop, have some chocolate pastry 😀

You can also do things like painting, playing guitar or any other musical instrument, or something else which makes you happy.

Cut Out The Triggers
Avoid those things or places that make you feel stressed out or bored. Though one can’t escape from office, but one can avoid such situations in office as well which make one’s feel the heat.

So if you feel itched out because of some obnoxious co-worker, don’t interact with him, or ask him politely to not do things which makes you angry (conditions not apply to the boss). If you watch too much television because you have nothing to do, then hide the remote somewhere else or read a book instead.

There are many things you can do and it all depends on your choices.

Get A Buddy
If you don’t know, how to hit the gym? Or quit smoking. Get a buddy, who can be with you in your journey, who share same kind of problem or dilemma.

And you will find it ridiculously beneficial, as both of you complement each other in your journey. And both of you will be a sort of inspiration to each other. And Getting a buddy will add flavor of positive competition, which will help you in reaching your goal faster.

And if you don’t find one in real life or you feel too shy to talk with your friends, you can always find them on internet. There are so many good lifestyle apps that helps you in breaking up with your bad habits.

Self Talk
Self Talks are great way to channelize your stress. So whenever you are stressed out. No matter, whatever the reason, talk to yourself, motivate yourself and kick out all the frustration.

The Plan B, C, D, E, F Till Z.
If you read my story, you might learn, I also failed, initially. But then who not fails, everyone fails except stupid who don’t try. My Chachu used to say, The failure adds much needed zing to your success story. So failure doesn’t mean you failed. Failure means you made your success story, little interesting.

So rather crying out river for your failed attempt, rather focus on how to do it right. Because there are always plan b, c, d, e, f, till z.

In Nutshell
1. Accept Yourself.
2. Accept Your Bad Habits.
3. Identify The Reasons Behind All These Bad Habits.
4. Invest Your Energy in Positive Things.
5. Avoid Triggers
6. Get Good Company
7. And most importantly, Believe in Yourself.

Hope you like the post, and inspired to start a new relationship, a relationship with yourself without your bad habits. And I wish Good Luck for your new relationship.

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