Thomas Daniell – Man Who Painted India – 18th Century India Paintings

Rope Bridge Srinagar by Thomas Daniell
Rope Bridge Srinagar
On April 7, 1785, Thomas Daniell along with his nephew William Daniell arrived in Calcutta, India, in search of one thing, his name. But in process of finding his name, he found India and painted her in a new light.

Ruins of Naurattna
Ruins of Naurattana, Sasaram, Bihar
On September 3, 1788, Daniells (uncle-nephew duo) left Calcutta, on a journey to find the vivid colors of India through the eyes of Ganga. Along the shores of Ganges, traveling as far as Garhwal, they arrived in Srinagar around May 1789, inspired, not to return Calcutta until February 1792. (Srinagar, not to be confused with Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir, it is a town of same name in Garhwal, Uttrakhand),

Tiger Hunting by Thomas Daniell
Tiger Hunting in East Indies
On March 10, 1792, they embarked on another journey, but this time to Madras (now Chennai). And they reached Madras on March 29 on the twentieth day of their journey.

Hilly Landscape by T Daniell
Hilly Landscape in India
Finally, before leaving India in 1793, they took a brief tour to Bombay in the same year, sometime in middle of February, and in May 1793, Daniells left India for home.

Madurai Fort by Thomas Daniell
Fort, Madura
On returning home, Daniell published an extensively illustrated work, which was based on his travels in India, i.e. what he discovered in India, under the title, “ORIENTAL SCENERY”.

Oriental Scenery was published in six volumes in between 1795 and 1808.

Daniell also published works from a fellow artist James Wales in the sixth volume of Oriental Scenery, whom he met in Bombay, and who was working on the Ellora Paintings.

Qutub Minar by Thomas Daniell
Qutub Minar/1805
Some of the popular Indian sites that Daniell featured in Oriental Scenery: Calcutta, Patna, Gaya, Rohtasgarh, Varanasi, Jaunpur, Allahabad, Agra, Lucknow, Faizabad, Sikandra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Delhi, Kotdwara, Naithana, Srinagar (First Journey toward East-North India), Kolar, Bangalore, Virabhadradurg, Trichy, Madurai, Shivagiri, Thanjavur, Mamallapuram (Second Journey toward South), Ellora, Bombay (third journey toward West India).

Aurangzeb's Mosque
Some of the other prominent paintings of India by Thomas and William Daniell.
Indian Temple Said To Be Mosque, Muttra
Old Court House and Street
Hindoo Temple

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