Kabadiwala: Life is like a Piece of Crap

Kabadiwala: Life is like a Piece of Crap
I was waiting for Arun, when Mishraji tapped on my back, Mishraji, “What are you doing, Kiddo?”

Recognizing from his iconic kabadiwala accent, I replied in same accent, “Nothing, Mishraji, just waiting for someone.”

Mishraji started laughing and then said, “the accent suits me not you? Meanwhile, what you are doing, got any plans after degree?”

Mishraji is official kabadiwala and unofficial viral news broadcaster of our colony. And if you want to know something about someone in our colony, ask Mishraji.

I just replied (if you want to imagine, how I replied, its satire, plus humor, plus sh!t), “I don’t have something to do, Mishraji, My life is like piece of crap.”

Mishraji little irked but continues, “Well Said! Life is really like a piece of crap. Infact, everyone’s life is like a piece of crap. But it’s on you, to make something good out of this crap or you can die with this crap, crying.”

And then Mishraji started moving, shouting in his iconic accent, “Kabadi, Kabadi!” and said while tapping on my back again, “Just think.”

That day, I have learned something that I can’t forget. I think, it depends on you, what to do with this crap, I mean, you want to make good out of it, or you want to live and die with it.

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