An Omegle Girl Who Inspired Me To Chase My Dreams

An Omegle Girl Who Inspired Me To Chase My Dreams
Omegle is an odd place to be on the internet. Here at Omegle, you can chat with a random person without disclosing your identity. The idea is great. You can meet new people, discuss your problems or talk about anything with them, without worrying about what they will think of you.

Now comes a twist, people don’t want to chat here with you, especially if you are of same gender. Why? Because they are not here for stupid chat but they are here for being hooked. Dude, try a dating app for Christ sake. But leave that you are not going to.

What actually freaks me out that people are not even interested in saying Hi, Hello or Howdy, they simply start the conversation with ASL (Age Sex Location, not American Sign Language). Moreover, as soon as you type down, you are male from India, they disconnect. And it’s totally disgusting.

More or less, it’s the same story, you only connect with such morons who are here for getting hooked, not for good meaningful chat. Nevertheless, there are all kinds of people out there in the world and there are also some good souls at Omegle too and I have had some good meaningful conversations with them.

There is a guy, Niranjan, who is pursuing medicine in UK, who told me importance of thankfulness in life. There is a pastor or clergyman (sorry sir, I don’t remember exactly) who told me to believe in goodness of life, Akanksha (a C.A. from the orange city, Nagpur), an email buddy, (bangalorean who works in some random media house). And today I met her, Delhi University PSYCHOLOGY GRAD. We had a heated discussion, thanks to my previous blog post Leda and the Swan: Rape Vs. Consensual Sex. I blamed the society and she blamed the rapist, (read my next for my views on rape and society).

However, when our discussion went little heated up, we were not able to agree on single point, we decide to end the discussion on an open note. But before we parted away, she told me that I can be a good writer if I focus on writing not rambling. According to her, a pen has more power than a sword. So she advised me to write something logical, something inspiring, and not to feed audience with trashy content. But then she also told me that I have a weird dreamy logic not practical one and I need to work on that too.

Though I don’t know why I am writing this, and also don’t know whether it is meaningful. But I think it is worth a share. And least now, I know, I can write good and one can find inspiration even from a time killing website like Omegle.

Thank you, DU Psychology Grad for inspiring me, and I promise you that I will write something good and inspiring from now.

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