Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
He said, "It is marketing".

I said, "What? I don't understand, what do you mean"

He said, "This whole thing, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan is marketing to keep things going on under hood and just to beef up his image."

I said, "It's okay. If everything is going well, I am not interested in what is going on under hood. Leave that for now"

He said, "Okay."

But after we parted away, I gave it a thought. I mean, if he is right, it is indeed a marketing strategy to beef up his image and to hide things, what is going in under the hoods.

But why we always look such things in such scrutinized manner? Is it not okay to look them as they are looking to be? I don't care whether it was marketing strategy or something else. But it has created awareness among the masses. And he, the leader, the Narendra Modi, has shown, how to do it, i.e. how to get hands dirty for social cause. I know, the stigmatized way of previous governments, have done lot of damage in the way we see the Government. But now, things are changing. And if we look it from that perspective, this thing is part of that change.

I don't know about anyone else, but my mum and dad are pretty happy. Both of them, have contributed in their way, and also encouraged others to do so. My mother was so excited, she is willing to do this every month, if community member organize such drives, on regular basis. She said, "At least something will happen, at least city will look clean".

What do you think about the whole movement? Do you think, it is a movement like my mum and dad think, or you think like the person who was screwing over the fact, it is marketing strategy.

Meanwhile if you think, it is still a strategy, then wish Happy World Peace Day. Because it is also World Peace Day, today.


  1. I only know that it's a win-win situation. If his marketing strategy does good for India. I welcome it with open heart.

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