Hello October: Fun Facts about October

october facts
Hello October
Goodbye September, Hello October.

And it's October. And there are just 2 months only for year to end. Leave that. But do you know? Why October is called October? Because Oct is something related to eight and it is the tenth moth of year. How?

In old Roman calendar, October was the eight month but later thanks to Julian reform, when January and February being added to the calendar, it became the tenth month, while retaining its old name.

There is an amazing thing about October, 1st of October falls on the same day of the week as 1st of January, though this thing doesn't happen in leap years.

There are some other interesting facts about October, which might amaze you. Like

1. In 1582, there were only 21 days in October in Catholic Europe. This thing happened because in same year they switched from Julian to Georgian Calendar.

2. You will not find any mention about month of October in any of William Shakespeare's work.

3. United States and Canada celebrates October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

4. India celebrates 2nd of October as birth anniversary of Father of Nation as Gandhi Jayanti and world celebrates this day as International Peace Day.

5. Animal Lovers celebrates 4th of October as World Animal Day.

And on 16th of October, food lovers like me and you, celebrates WORLD FOOD Day. That's Yum. So it's time to say, Hello October and Goodbye September.

Image Credit: Flickr/Hades2k


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