The Difference Between Freelance and Professional Writer

freelance vs professional world
Freelance Vs. Professional Writer
Sometimes, you feel like an absolute idiot, who don’t have any identity, and that’s what happen to you when you switch from freelance to professional world. Switching from freelancing to a professional job is not that easy. And I really mean it. I have just joined a firm as a content writer, and I am already feeling the itch within 2 weeks of my professional career.

Though I am doing what I used to do earlier, WRITE. But things are different now. As I am promised to get paid on time, opposed to freelancing, where I need to wait a month or two to get paid and in same cases, I need to beg for my rightful payment.

The Struggle
dtc bus
The Daily Struggle To Catch DTC Bus
I think I have learned what it feels like a daily commuter in Delhi. The struggle to find a bus on time, and then try to get fit into a overly packed bus. If you are lucky as you are on your luckiest day, you will get the freaking space to get your feet on the bus or wait for another bus to try your luck again. Then you are welcomed with sweet redolence from your fellow commuter (in your mind, f–k, does he forget to take the shower). And if you are able to survive through all those mesmerizing stuff, then get yourself ready for 800 meter sprint to the office from the bus stop. Just to make everything perfect, as you have reached the office, two minutes to 10 O’clock, now try to punch your sidhe haath ka angootha (thumb of your right hand) in that biometric sensor. Wolla, I have just reached the office.

The 8 Hour Show.
funny work quotes
8 Hour Show: I am at Work
So you have reached the office, but what you are going to do here. Wait, the 8-hour show is just about to begin. Oops, it has already started as soon as you have punched the sensor. Don’t worry, the show gets extended to 9 hours, thanks to your commitment not on your boss demand.

Yup, that’s what really happen in the office, now you have to start doing things that you are supposed to do, even if you don’t have slightest idea of the shit. Generally, what a writer (the person who writes, in present test case: it’s me) does? He looks at the topic, he research about it, he notes all the important stuff, and then starts writing? It generally takes, two to three hours to write a good piece on a good computer (ON A GOOD COMPUTER, NOT A FREAKING CLIENT DESKTOP, WHICH GETS FKED WHENEVER IT WANTS TO BE, AND I AM NOT SORRY FOR MY EMOTIONAL OVERFLOW)

Then when it comes down to the end, you report him (THE BOSS), what you have done all day, and then he says, beta! Itna slow kese likthe ho. (angrezi version: son, how slow you write). You have done so little today, go to your desk, and finish your supposed task. And with a sweet smile, you accept the honor.

quantity vs quality
Quantity Vs Quality At Work
The inner-conflict to write a good article or number of substandard articles. And within a week, the change of boss, your misery just starts to mount. Fk, what. I have a new boss, I used to have a different boss, but now I have a new boss. Gagan Sir, I miss you. He (the old boss) gave me enough time to adjust in new circumstances and learn some new things (so-called professional sh!t). I think he knew, what it feels like being a freelancer, transitioning to a professional scene. But he is not working with firm, anymore. Everything was going smooth, because he knew my strong and weak points, and he allowed me to work on weak things, first. He is not my BOSS anymore, we are now Facebook buddies (that’s it).

Now, I am working straight under THE BOSS, he is good, but lack of communication, and different perspective on doing things is what making things dull. Straightforwardly, he said, Fk everything (he didn’t said, F-Word, but you can sense the thing). The only mistake I made, asked him to check the fking quality of the article, what he replied, you are working at professional level, I am not here for the quality checks, trash the quality shit, you are writing for article directories, just to promote the company website, links, SEO and blah, blah, blah.

But how can I cheat with my work? A writer strives for quality, every time, he pens up to write, he want it to be better (or perfect) than his previous work. Isn’t that disheartening, you are asked to write some sh!t, and compromise on thing you struggle for.

freelancer quotes
I am a Freelance
I don’t know, what people think about freelancers, but a freelancer is not an unemployed person. I also got work, but I do things little differently. I don’t mind working for 8 hours. And sometimes, on a busy day, I work for freaking 12 to 15 hours and I really don’t know, how the time passed. But when it comes to 8 hour job, you feel like a caged bird who wishes to break free. I don’t know how much I will able to live like caged bird, but as if now, I am trying to work out on this thing.

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  1. Being a person who was an SEO Manager for last so many years and from Delhi only, I can truly understand your concerns and struggles. Buddy this is the life which we all have to accept otherwise we would not be there in the organization :)

    BTW yes it is true that there are bosses like those who don't even know the ABCD of content writing and try to show them as they know everything of content preparation. I can just wish you that you should get a boss who can understand how things work.

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