Can Yahoo Make A Come Back?

can yahoo make a come back
Can Yahoo Make A Come Back
Though I am not a huge fan of Yahoo, but i really like some of Yahoo services much more than Google and Microsoft. For example Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and Flickr which are way better than Google and Microsoft offerings. And when you give a close look into Yahoo history, you will find some of their abandoned products and offerings were not as bad too but they are really better services than some of most popular services of that time. For say Yahoo Webmaster tool, Yahoo Site Explorer which provides much more deep information to site webmaster than other webmaster tools and was much popular than any other webmaster tool. Yahoo blog directory Mybloglog, famous for its social networking features, always acknowledged of being ahead of its time.

When you look into other Yahoo products, you really will not find any problem with Yahoo. So where is the real problem with Yahoo lies, and why Yahoo is falling seriously? And the answer to all this menace, "Yahoo Top Level Management". Sorry to say, but Yahoo have one of most idiotic and less efficient top level management. And it is evident with the fall of Yahoo.

So now question arise after the great debacle of Yahoo, Can Yahoo recover back? and answer is "YES". The answer to this question is "Yes" because Yahoo have everything, and when I say Yahoo have everything, it literally have everything from array of great products and services to huge talented staff. But all of these things are in the form of bits and pieces. And all Yahoo need to have hard decision making top level management to collect all these bits and pieces to make a big picture or they hire me to do so. So What If they do not hire me, here are few tips for them to recover back or even become Google killer.

1. Core Product.
Yahoo (word) is the acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle", which technically mean Yahoo was a SEARCH ENGINE once. So what this mean, Yahoo need to be search engine again. Though it is 10 year deal but what, they need to start somewhere again.

2. Vertical Products
Like Google, and Microsoft, Yahoo don't have any vertical product than Flickr. With Vertical products, i mean other stand out services without Yahoo branding. And that's where Yahoo is lacking most than others.

3. Sticking with Good plans
What I really hate about Yahoo, they kill any service because it is getting popular with user-base. Like Delicious, MyBloglog and now Flickr. But what happen, they kill the service because their service is not making money for them. And this thing real take me off. Why don't you understand, reputation and relationship building automatically get translated into money making.

So Now Yahoo team, you have understood what you need to do. But in case you don't, and want my help, so please don't hesitate to contact me.


  1. Yahoo is good search Engine but not prefect according to Google Search Engineer Web tools. i think Yahoo is not come back.

  2. Nice post and I really like it but according to me its very difficult for yahoo to come back because at this time the level of google is on high and atleast for many-many years no one can touch the level of google.

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