Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers

pinterest marketing tips for bloggers
Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers
With advent rise of Pinterest has made this social image bookmarking site, a hot cake among the bloggers, internet marketers and big corporate blogging staffs. And in relation to this, search engines like Google and Bing (+Yahoo), has bombarded with extra intelligent queries related Pinterest marketing and traffic related tips. So what's now, the chance seeking bloggers has made tons of blog posts relating Pinterest marketing tips and with citing stories of people who had made it big with Pinterest, they have insured people to blindly follow these tips to insure wastage of time, money and other resources on Pinterest marketing.

Is there not any way for generating the traffic from Pinterest and all of those Pinterest success stories being made up? I think these queries have acquired your intelligent human brain search engine, and answer to this question is simple "Yes". Yes, there are ways of generating traffic from Pinterest. Yes, all of the stories are not made and they are actually true. So now you will ask, why you are not getting traffic from Pinterest, instead of making such efforts. And before you ask me about all this, here are few point you need to understand first.

1. Not a First Mover
Pinterest is not a new website, it is almost two year old now and community has been already humongous way before you have made your first step in Pinterest world. That's mean you need to do much more work than early birds in Pinterest. You need to make people feel your presence on Pinterest, so that you can make impact on them.

2. Not Doing it Right
If you check most of popular pins on Pinterest are artistic pictures, humorous memes, cool DIY pictures and artistic works. And actually blogs and sites which have made big through Pinterest usually use good pictures than other. On other hand when come to you and your website, either you are not using pictures on your blog or you are posting Google, Yahoo and similar stuff which have been already uploaded by thousands like you.

So you might have understood what I really mean with my above two points. And the whole things can be summarized, if you use good pictures, you can make it big on Pinterest.


  1. I think after Linked In Pinterest is growing faster than anything. for the last one year I can see it’s huge growing. some days ago I read somewhere that Pinterest is competing with Yahoo.

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